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Are You A Mosquito Magnet? Here Are Some Reasons Why You May Get More Mosquito Bites Than Others

Are You A Mosquito Magnet? Here Are Some Reasons Why You May Get More Mosquito Bites Than Others.

Mosquitoes are a thorn in the flesh. From the aggressive way in which they infest on your body to the annoying sounds they make in your ear, they can essentially drive you crazy. Let’s not even get started with the higher chance of getting malaria fever from their bites.

While mosquitoes are attracted to humans in general, there are certain people who they love biting the most. These people are called mosquito magnets because they get more mosquito bites than other people.

Here are 4 things that might be making you more appealing to mosquitoes.

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When we breathe, we inhale oxygen and release carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide acts as a stimulant for mosquitoes. It triggers them to fly and fly more quickly. Secondly, carbon dioxide attracts mosquitoes to their host. They use this carbon dioxide to find their target. Interestingly, they only get attracted to carbon dioxide when people release it in large amounts. This means that things that make you breathe more deeply can make you more attractive to mosquitoes. For example, pregnant women are more susceptible to mosquito bites because they breathe more deeply. Also, exercise is another activity that makes people breathe deeply, hence attracting mosquitoes.


Another thing that can make you more appealing to mosquitoes is your sweat. When you go for a run or engage in some other activity, your body releases sweats that contain compounds such as lactic acid, uric acid, and ammonia. All these acids make your sweat smell in such a way that they attract mosquitoes. So, if you want to lower your chances of getting bit by mosquitoes, you should endeavour to get rid of sweaty smell by showering after you sweat.

Dark-Coloured Clothes

Surprisingly, the kinds of clothes you wear can also make you prone to mosquito bites. A lot of studies suggest that mosquitoes like landing on dark-coloured surfaces. So, if your wardrobe is full of red-coloured, blue-coloured, and black coloured clothes, then you’ve probably found one of the reasons why you are a mosquito target.

Drinking Alcohol 

One small study suggests that drinking a bottle of beer can can make you a target for mosquitoes. The study revealed that people who had just recently drunk a bottle of beer were more likely to get bitten by mosquitoes. However, the study could not pinpoint why mosquitoes landed more on people who drank alcohol.

Of course, there’s no way you can stop breathing, sweating, wearing your favourite dark outfits, and drinking alcohol (that’s if you drink). But you can always get rid of mosquitoes by fleeting your house, keeping yours surroundings clean, and using repellants. Remember, mosquito bites are not only discomforting but can also lead to malaria fever. So, stay safe.


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