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Are you a Female Traveler? This is What you Need to Know (PART 2)

Here are a few extra unconventional tips that female travelers should know.

Are you a Female Traveler? Here is What you Need to Know (PART 3)

This is the second part of the practical travel tips which I think Female Travelers need in order to get the most out of travel experience.

Since we have done the introduction in the first part, we are just going to dive right into it.

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  1. Take other traveler recommendations with a grain of salt: Look everyone has different tastes that is peculiar to them and we all enjoy different experiences. No 2 travelers are ever the same so go out and not stay just because someone else said so.
  2. Respecting the culture comes first: Whether you think it is right or wrong, whether it makes sense or not, the culture of the country you are visiting comes first and whatever the culture dictates is what you should adhere to.
  3. Researching common travel scams can save you from exploitation: Just to be clear, travel scams can happen to anyone at any point during travel but if you read up on the most common ones, you can at least save yourself a bit.
  4. Live in the moment as much as possible: You cannot pack your bags heading to another country and bury your head in the sand when you get there. You need to live every moment so that it can be stored in your memory bank.
  5. Put down the technology: I know you and your device are glued to the hip but do not be so quick to pull it out that you stop experiencing. Sometimes just take a look with your eyes and not with your camera lens.
  6. Plan for jet lag: You see, this a real part of travelling and some people tend to forget and don’t plan for it. The day after you get to your destination should be planned as the day to just rest and idle around before you set out to explore.
  7. Street food: Restaurants and Fast food joints are great but the best foods are usually served on the street. Yes, it is a risk in certain countries but what is life without risks.
  8. Ditch the guidebook: Maybe not totally, but at least every once in a while. Explore the city on your own, find spots not on the guide book, meet the locals and try to have conversations too. Don’t be the traveler whose head is always buried in a guide book
  9. It’s OK to take a vacation from your vacation: What this means is that it is okay to be tired in your vacations so you take a break. Just sleep, watch movies, eat and then rinse and repeat. It is perfectly okay to vacation while vacationing.
  10. You will change; people back home will not: Just because you have seen another slice of this beautiful world and your own practices and thoughts do not govern there.

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