Are Women Better Entrepreneur Than Men?

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Entrepreneurship is a sphere which has largely been dominated by the men fraternity since ages and even a recent survey by an audit firm stamps the same fact whilst stating nearly 70% of businesses as male –owned.

Although anybody can ascertain that men are more competent in operating and running a particular business after looking at these numbers, there’s much more to be looked at in the same context.

1. Firms owned by females brings more revenue on board

It has been found in several surveys that businesses which have been owned and operated by women have generated more revenues that those owned by their male counterparts. Womenable, a social enterprise firm with women in sight has put forward their analysis based on the growth trends of firm owned by men and women between 1997-2014, and ascertain that businesses which are owned and operated by women overall these years have seen a tremendous growth of 72.3 % as compared to 45.1 % of their male counterparts in the same aspect.

2. Firms owned by female entrepreneurs created more jobs

Same survey has also revealed that the firms which are owned by and operated by female has saw more number of jobs created over the years as compared to the firms owned by men. The growth rate witnessed during this period in terms of jobs created was around 18.39 in case of women, which was way higher than that of 0.37 % in case of their male counterparts.


3. Women have proved their precedence in senior leadership roles

Business firms which comprises of a more competent senior leadership are known to be performing better that the ones without it and women have proved their primacy in the same aspect as well. They have outperformed their male counterparts in almost every role and this can be witnessed by looking at the growing number of Female CEO’s recruited by Top firms in Nigeria and across the globe.

In a nutshell

Although men have dominated the business world with their growing numbers, it’s their female counterparts which have proved to be a better leader and entrepreneur whilst generating more revenue and creating more jobs during the process. Gautam Sharma, renowned Entrepreneur and Chairman of Professional Boxing Organization of India, described the same fact in most beautiful manner possible. In his recent statement, I believe gender would never impact management skills, but interestingly enough there are a few qualities about women that never cease to amaze and inspire me.

A lot has also being said about that recently as women are very good in their managerial skils which in-turn brings them more revenue. Men will always be men as they are still great in what they do and we never mean women are the best when it comes to this.

We are all doing great in our chosen fields which by doing more would help the growth of the country.  Go do something today and make yourself and people around you proud. Do you think you can challenge this? Let us read from you in the comment box below.



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