Are These Posts About Human True?

Are These Posts About Human True?

Well, how many of us see human beings differ, to be honest and this has caused a Twitter user to take to the social media page to know what people really do feel about humans.

While some are of the opinion that humans are greats, others have since taken to the comment section to say not so nice things.

One Twitter user believes that the extinction of the human race will, in fact, be the greatest thing that will happen to the planet earth.

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We’re are a disease, we take for granted and without remorse, while giving back nothing to very little in return, our extinction will be the greatest thing for the sake of this planet.

His comment has since garnered major likes and responses as it comes as a rude shock that there are in fact many who believes this person is right.

Lil Mama another Twitter user spoke on her thoughts about the human race saying she believes humans are the worst species on the planet earth.

In her words;

I love how everyone is say they and them as if they are not humans .. anyway we the worst species for the earth very selfish and agenda oriented we gone go until we can’t

This has infact left one really thinking out loud.

Read some more comments below;

With this being said, what do you guys think about the human species on earth? Share with us in the comment section.


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