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Don’t Want To Be an Annoying Tourist? Here are 5 Ways Not To

5 tips to help you be a tourist thats not bordering on the side of annoying. Thank us later.

5 Tips on How To Be Productive While Traveling

Don’t let the twists and turns of traveling turn you into an insufferable tourist! Before you book your next trip, follow these tips to become a confirm tourist.

  1. Stop trying to get away with an overweight, oversized carry-on.Aunty! Aunty!! Yes, you. Don’t you think that carry on is overweight already? I can see you trying to stash another pair of shoe in it. You do know that flight attendants can spot these overweight bags a mile away, and not even the shining of your 32 will prevent them from doing their job and singling you out.
  2. Mind your manners.Please watch your travel etiquette. Be polite when talking with fellow passengers and airline staff. You should also dress decently, respect private space, do not get drunk, and please do not act like a diva. In this social media posts era, it is advisable to err on the side of caution before you end up as a meme or gif. Watch your manners, think long and hard before doing anything at all and always ask for permission before taking photos of people.
  3. Be organized.There are two kinds of people in the airport. 1.) The smooth-sailing professional human with only one or no carry-on bag who goes through immigration without any incident and 2.) the disorganized, flustered passenger who’s trying to get away with multiple carry-ons including a messy bag. She is trying to look for her travel documents while juggling all her bags. To avoid being Number 2, learn to pack like a pro. Organize your bag and pockets to help you easily find your documents. tourist
  4. Lower the volume of your voice.Nobody wants to hear your loud conversations in the plane, especially when passengers are trying to sleep. . Remember: The plane is not a shop or a restaurant. If you notice your neighbors are shifting uncomfortably, looking over repeatedly at you, and plugging their earphones, that may be a sign that you’re loud and you need to zip it now.
  5. Respect the rules. They are there for a reason.When it is announced that you should not stand up to get your overhead luggage until the plane has come to a complete stop and the fasten seat-belt sign has been switched off, please for the sake of everything good, listen. Do not be overexcited and rush to your feet. As with other rules in restaurants, modes of transportation, and tourist spots, please do not give your country people an extra bad name okay?

And there you have it, folks. Tips on how not to be the annoying tourist everyone talks about when they get to their homes.

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