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Annoying Boyfriend Habits That Girls Hate

The tables have turned now. Boyfriends, here are 8 annoying habits that your girlfriends hate.

Annoying Boyfriend Habits That Girls Hate

The last article was about “annoying girlfriend habits”, and it might have made a lot of ladies think I’m biased towards the male gender and think men are perfect, the truth is, I don’t think anyone is perfect because everyone has their own flaws.

So here is a post that balances the narrative and we will, of course, title it “annoying boyfriend habits”. Are you ready?

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  1. When you act too “alpha”: Dear brother, your woman hates it when you start acting macho and thinking you run the show. Every relationship is about equality, constant and equal amount of effort from both sides. So for the men who think they’re above women in something, they’re not.
  2. When you start keeping checks: Relationship should not have checks and boundaries that just suffocates your partner. Keeping a constant check on your girlfriend’s activities, who she’s hanging out with, what she does in her free time etc is something that girls hate. This just shows the girl that you have too many insecurities and that you do not trust her.
  3. When you don’t like shopping: Most men don’t like shopping and some see it as a boring thing to do and even when they grudgingly follow, they don’t have anything to say about what their girlfriend is buying and this annoys the hell out of ladies.
  4. When you are too picky about food: Dear boyfriend, if she’s cooking for you, you better be thanking her and appreciating the food she cooks because some women would not even try. Some men are super critical of the food (even though they are not good cooks themselves) and hurt the girl’s feelings. Be content of the things she cooks for you, be appreciative and cherish what she’s doing for you.
  5. When you don’t pay attention: Whether you know it or not, your girlfriend goes to a lot of lengths to look pretty for you, the way she dresses, the perfume she’s wearing, the colour of lipstick, everything. And when you don’t pay attention to her, it upsets her because she put a lot of effort into it.
  6. When you stare at other girls: Women are naturally more possessive than men and can’t take it if their man shows more attention to other women or stare at other women. It just hurts them because they want all of his attention and love.
  7. When you have too many female friends around: If you think you are upset when you see or detect a guy hovering around your girl, think about it when it is vice versa. Women aren’t okay with it when their boyfriends have a lot of female friends and It’s not about trust, it’s not about insecurities. Even the coolest of girlfriends are going to have a problem with it, if not now then maybe a few months from now when she can’t keep it to herself anymore.
  8. When you don’t listen: See ehn my brother, Girls love to talk, they love to share the highlights of the day, they love to talk about their friends, their family, their fights, they just want to share everything and they want you as their man to actually take interest in what they’re saying. Most men don’t, they would either nod their heads while watching their favourite game or just say yes to everything and that is not right.


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