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Anniversary Date Ideas That Will Definitely Spark-Up Your Day

Dump that traditional dinner date idea in the bin. That is not why you are here.


You and your bae have been together for a while now, Yeah? And this year you really want to spice it up and make it special. But you are wondering how? It definitely sounds like you’re ready to up your game and take your anniversary to a noteworthy level.

Say goodbye to your old dinner and movie tradition and say a big hello to your next anniversary that is about to be all shades of romantic.

  1. Go back to your first date.Remember the location of your first date ever? Or the second one that made you guys official. Ehen, take your partner, there with plans already made. You can book ahead for management to arrange for a table to be set-up with candlelight and flowers. Arrange photo stands that contain photos of you two for every year that you’ve been together or occasions where you two goofed together. And if you want to be extra, hire a guitarist to appear out of nowhere as you guys enjoy a celebratory dinner.
  2. Treat yourselves to a fun day.Your anniversary is a good excuse to splurge on some relaxation time. You can get a couples’ massage at a spa and lounge for the rest of the day. You could maybe pay a little extra for a medi and pedi for you both because you and your boo are worth it.
  3. Plan a short trip. Some people love a good surprise and will travel to an unknown destination as soon as you say pack your bags. Others need just a bit more details in advance. But don’t fret, no matter which one best describes your partner, a short trip will provide a break from your routine. You can plan it as a surprise or plan it together. Whichever tickles your fancy is great, Just have fun while doing it.
  4. Pick a theme for the entire month.Why limit your anniversary to one day, when you can celebrate the whole month? Like the whole month can be yours. This could be theatre(s)/plays, movies, comedy events, poetry, karaoke or even games. For example, If your lover is super into movies and films, check-out all the best box-office hits for the month and do one together every night with some cookies and ice cream or a bottle of wine.
  5. Put all these ideas together and randomly pick.Take any of the suggestions above, add any other ideas you may have(except the traditional dinner one), throw them into a bowl and have your partner randomly pick one. Surprise definitely awaits him or her on your anniversary date.

Happy planning and executing lovebirds. You are welcome.


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