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Amala: Are You a Member of This Thriving Culture?

What is the yoruba culture without Amala?

Amala is a Nigerian food made out of yam and/or cassava flour. The yams are peeled, sliced, cleaned, dried and then blended into a flour called elubo”. Amala which is from the Western part of  Africa and eaten mostly by the Yoruba people in Nigeria is an important meal in their culture.

Somehow this staple has rolled over and is accepted by people from other cultures. It has particularly become a favorite for some who live in the city of Lagos and are not Yorubas.

A couple of weeks ago, a young man on twitter put up a tweet where he was in class giving a presentation skills for successful graduates. His presentation was on why Amala should be banned. And as always, Nigerians came for him, in their droves.

Few days after, another twitter user put up a post of a woman serving amala and naija twitter users were delighted and came all out for it.

It is quite obvious that Amala is not just another staple in the Nigerian meal chart, it has become a way of life for many people.

There is no in between when it comes to this dish. You either love it or you hate it(with no apologies)

It is known for a fact that the best Amala joints are not fancy places. They are places with a bit of dirt here and there, on an untarred street with a few chickens strolling past. The women selling will lack any form of customer care and be rude to you if you push them too much. They may or may not have enough sitting arrangements and they do not care because you can do take away. Oh, hygiene is not always Number one on their itinerary.

So if you want to join this moving culture, ask around for the place that sells the softest Amala with the stew having a bit of kick to it, a great combo of ewedu and gbegiri supported with an assorted array of meat that has found solace in the soup.

You will find out that it is a work of art on its own and deserves only the best artists to work on it. And then who does not like great art eh?

If it did not occur to you that I am a partaker of this culture, I do not know how else to explain it to you.

So, find a good joint and thank me later.


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