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Always avoid these mistakes at the airport by all means when traveling in this yuletide season

Always avoid these mistakes at the airport by all means when traveling in this yuletide season

The holidays are nearly here and you have probably booked your tickets to whatever state or country of your choice you planned since the beginning of the new year.

We know that you will probably make these mistakes at the airport which is why we decided to write you this post so you will avoid them.

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You should thank us.

  1. Not Playing Nice: Truth is, you’re going to need someone’s help. It could be a problem of your own making or not but it rarely pays to be angry, indignant, or whiny. Patience and a smile go a long way when it comes to interacting with the gate attendants, flight attendants, TSA agents, and even your fellow travellers. Knowing how to get what you want (or need) means that you know how to go about it in the best way possible. Which is why you should play nice to anyone you meet.
  2. Sending Personal Information Over the Airport Wi-Fi: Airports outside of our country know and acknowledge that free Wi-Fi isn’t just a convenience for travellers, but a necessity. Even though that’s a good thing, you should never forget that “free” doesn’t mean “safe”: Public Wi-Fi networks are not secure. Which is why we advise that no matter what happens, don’t type in personal information—passwords, IDs, etc. over a public WiFi connection.
  3. Not Marking Your Luggage: I do not know which Nigerian does not tag their luggage but if you are one, we advise you to do that in order to save yourself. You can mark yours with a brightly coloured ribbon or find a tag that will have your contact info just in case your luggage go missing. The best reason is it helps you to spot your bag in a quick second and be on your way.
  4. Not weighing your luggage from home: Dear Nigerian traveller who is an over-packer, a basic scale can give you an idea of the weight of your luggage(s). Do not get to the airport without having an idea of what your bag weighs or does not weigh. Knowing this saves you a lot of stress in the long run and prevents you from being delayed unnecessarily.
  5. Booking flights with rushed layovers: Is there anyone who loves feeling rushed/stressed out at the airport?  I do not think there is. For example, If you have to go through a massive immigration line, pick-up your bag, go through customs and then go back up to the departure hall to check-into another flight all under 20 minutes, you will barely make your flight, that is if you do not miss it altogether. Do yourself a favour, and always book relaxed layovers.
  6. Not having travel insurance: Some of you have honestly never booked travel-insurance. You think it is a waste of money and a mistake especially if nothing happens. The question should be what if something happens, are you prepared to cover the cost for everything?


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