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Alpha Male, get in here. These are 5 style advice you need to know

Alpha Males, Get your style advice here.


The way you style yourself as an Alpha Male is very important, not only for yourself but also for the ladies, you know what I mean abi. Dressed sloppy or not, you’ll be the centre of attention nonetheless, we want it to be for the right reasons.

Trust me your dressing does say a lot about whether or not you will be spoken of in good terms. Even when you’re having OFF days, and things are not going well for you, your style will portray that you’re capable of switching yourself ON again.

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Now let us go into the style advising proper and learn what is needed for the alpha male.

  • Colours – It’s the colour that catches the eye first and foremost, so picking the right ones is of utmost importance. When you are able to understand colours and how they work with the human eye, you will save yourself a lot of time, going over your wardrobe. Making a colour mistake will make people know that something’s off about you. Oh, quick tip, Wear tie colours that compliment your shirt. For example, If the shirt is dark-coloured, wear a light-coloured tie and vice versa.
  • Hairstyle – Finding the right hairstyle is as important as keeping it all the time and looking sharp. The right hairstyle shapes your individuality and showcases it. To find the right hairstyle for you, you have to take into consideration your face shape.
  • Wear fitting clothes – The goal of having your clothes fitted is going for a V-shaped look. If you are wearing the perfect fit, then it looks attractive and draws the attention of other’s eyes towards your most attractive features. Just make sure you look for comfortable sizes that are not too big or too tight, and as much as possible, avoid dad jeans or badly fitted jeans. They never fit an Alpha Male perfectly.
  • Accessories – These include Sunglasses, Wristwatches, Leather bags, hats, wallets etc Make sure you keep your accessories simple and not do too much with a particular outfit. The lesser, the better Sir.  Also, wear classy watches, not digital ones, as they seem childish.
  • Take-home tip – Because of the kind of male you are, it’s important that you show your unique personality by the style that you go for. Wear clothes that suit your personality and who you are even though you still have your eye on what is trendy and in vogue.


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