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All You Need To Know About Actor Nonso Diobi

Many in and outside the country have testified on just how much actor Nonso Diobi and this love has continued to grow as the years passes by.

Here are 10 things to know about the actor.

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  1. He was born on July 17, 1976, in Enugu. The actor grew up in  Anambra State. On growing up[, the actor in an interview said;  “Growing up was tough, it was filled with challenges because i didn’t come from a rich family, I struggled through everything. In my family we have to work to get what we wanted and because my mum is a strong woman she never gave up on us. Things were so hard back then that I had to selling cheap clothes to my friends in school just to survive, That memory makes me laugh compared to my life now” he recounted.
  2. He is the last born in a family of five children.
  3. Nonso started his own business at a young age. He dabbled into clothes to his mates in high school.
  4. At  15 years old, Nonso’s family encouraged him to join the drama group in his church.
  5. He featured in his first film “Border Line” which was shot by director Adim William.
  6. Nonso hit the limelight with his role in the movie “Hatred”.
  7. Since joining the movie industry, the actor has featured in over 190 Nigerian movies.
  8. Nonso bagged a GLO endorsement deal in
  9. Nonso Diobi revealed he is quite careful when it comes to serious relationships. In an interview, he stated that; “Well I don’t want to rush into it marriage because it is a lifetime contract. Some that rushed into it are regretting now because our ladies of nowadays are just nothing to write home about especially the ones that have quest for material things. It surprises some when I say I’m single but that is just the truth because I don’t want to make same mistake “
  10. Nonso Diobi has received several awards.

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