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After-breakup: 10 things to Help You Move on Quicker

This is free advice for all ladies. You really need it

Hey babe, Did you just have a painful breakup and you’re not sure what to do or not to do. I’ll give you 10 tips on moving on as fast as you can. You can thank me later

  1. Stop blaming yourself. You see the thing about breaking up is it takes two people who are in a relationship to actually achieve it.  It was not only you. So blaming yourself is not only unhealthy, it is downright insulting. Stop it now.
  2. Avoid doing a post about him. I know you are tempted to look for images and gifs and then write a sob story about how men are scum or how they are trash but you should refrain from it. It is not good for you or anyone and it is really embarrassing in the long run.
  3. Block/Unfriend him on Social Media. I know you want to act like a tough girl aka Powerpuff girls senior sister. I just want to ask you one question, Are you sure you want to see him moving on with his life and another girl on his arms? If the answer is a bold yes, then continue following him.
  4. Cry if you need to. It is okay to mourn the death of the relationship. Shed those tears if you cannot hold them in any longer. Cry if it hurts. Thing is if you do not cry in the privacy of your home, you might suddenly break down in public just because a conductor shouted at you to gbe body e.

5. Write it down. Sometimes penning down your thoughts is therapeutic. So get a diary or use the notepad on your phone and write him a long letter. Write it at any time it comes to you to talk to him, use it to express your pain but make sure you NEVER EVER send it

6. Stop trying to win him back. There’s a reason the breakup happened in the first place. Unless he also wants to get back together, stop looking for ways to get him back.

7. It is not by force to remain friends. There is no law on this earth that states ‘Remain friends with your Ex no matter the cost’ Nowhere. If friendship is not working or will not work for you, kindly let him know and then take a walk without looking back.

8. Devote time to something that helps to take your mind off him. Find a good habit and stick with it. Try to do things that engage your mind and makes you do some critical thinking. Better yet, find a hobby and be good at it.

So there you have it, 8 things that might help you feel better after a breakup.


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