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Ten Sex Tips to Spice up Your First Date Night

#ADULT ONLY! 18+ Ten Sex Tips to Spice up Your First Date Night

But wait, what do you expect to see? Your mind too dirty. But come to think of it, you must be bold for you to have opened this article. So read on!

Falling in love with someone special is an amazing feeling and taking her for your first date can give you goosebumps especially if it is your first date night and hence you will need to put in efforts for ensuring that it will be full of sexy ideas so that you can take your relationship to the next level.

It is the best way of igniting your passion for each other and you will get back into a mood but you should not overlook the importance of playfulness as it is an important element and add some surprise element for helping you enjoy a romantic relationship with your love.

Here are the 10 sex tips to spice up your first date night:

Go for sexy massage:
Massages are amazing foreplay that will help you enjoy your sex session as it is a very sexy and relaxing way of exploring your partner before the actual act. For this, you should go for scented massage oil for massaging each other which is very important for an awesome first date night where you can impress each other with your sexual skills.

Satisfy with oral sex
If you want to satisfy your partner, you need to know how to go oral for max pleasure so that your sexual act will get a notch higher and you will enjoy exploring each other orally for an enhanced simulation and pleasure.

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Melt together in bed
Nothing can be sexier than sharing strawberries and champagne together in bed as you will love each moment when you both are experiencing a different high.

Your first date night should have a surprise element and you should decide role play for yourself and your partner as it will help you break the ice and have an amazing time with each other.

Get a lil Tipsy
If you enhance the entire lovemaking session, then you should wine and dine together as it is the best way of enjoying a romantic time together where you will enjoy the best night of your life.

Kiss passionately
Kissing is an art and you need to master this art by learning how to lips kiss a girl to turn her on so that you can make her happy with your kissing skills that she will love.

Talk dirty
Talking dirty is the best form of foreplay where you can start your act easily by breaking the ice and for this, you will need to use your most seductive voice for impressing and arousing your partner.

Share a hot shower
Sharing a shower is an awesome way of enjoying yourself while you lather each other with your favorite scented bathing gel for an amazing lovemaking session.

Try different sex positions
It is an innovative way of enjoying your first night is to try the sex positions as you will need to try creative ideas for impressing your partner.

Steam up in the kitchen
If you want to add a surprise element to your first date night then trying making someone special for your love so that she will love you to the core.


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