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A very good personalty should reflect these meaningful gestures

There are some things you can do to make sure that you’re being well-received by others. Read this to find out

A very good personalty should reflect these meaningful gestures

Being a person that everyone likes can seem like something that only happens to a very lucky few. But the truth is, anyone can be liked in almost any situation if you do certain things right.

Things that can make sure that you’re being well-received by others, genuinely liked and well-received in almost any situation are listed in the post.

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  • Showing up as your authentic self: People will like you just for your willingness to show them who you really are. Your acceptance of your true self gives people the chance to take you as you are. Especially if there are no airs around you and you are not soaked in pride.
  • Remembering names and using it as often: It seems simple, but it can be incredibly meaningful for people to know you have listened to their name and remembered it.
  • Mirror the person you are discussing with: One approach to become instantly likeable is to establish a rapport with someone and study their body language while adopting some of their mannerisms. This helps create a bond because the other person believes they share something in common.
  • Be mindful of your speech and quickly make adjustments where necessary: Some people are naturally quiet and others are loud and animated. Be mindful of your environment and the people you’re talking to.  For example, if someone’s on the loud side, it can be uncomfortable for them to be in conversation with someone who’s responding very quietly. It’s important to get a feel for how others are and make slight adjustments in the way you talk if you feel like it’s necessary.
  • Listening and paying attention also goes hand in hand: If you want people to like you, giving them your undivided attention is important. It’s very easy to tune out or get distracted for a number of different reasons but it’s off-putting to talk to someone who doesn’t seem interested in what you have to say.
  • Personal space is a legit thing: Part of building a sense of comfort with another person is being open and inviting without doing anything intrusive. For example, even though hugs seem innocent enough, there is no need to go in for a hug every time you meet someone for the first time as others may find it uncomfortable.
  • Give compliments: People like knowing that they’re appreciated, in other o to get others to like you, compliment them. Just make sure they are not forced or fake. Give genuine compliments when you actually like something about someone else and make sure they’re appropriate ones.


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