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A simple guide on how to date a lady who has been single for a while. This is how it is done!

She may be a truckload of wahala but trust me, she is worth it.

Are you about to date a Lady who has been single for a while? These things are bound to happen!

We’re sure you must have felt some form of relief with the last post about this. Well, we know her wahala is plenty small which is why there is this post. If you have not read the other article and you are sure the girl you are chyking is in this category, please click here

Don’t ask me how I can read her mind and give you these answers, just take this early Christmas gift, be happy and not find yourself single.

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  • She’ll be stubborn as hell: See ehn, she won’t take your opinions so easily because she is used to listening to herself and doing things that she sees right. Please don’t force her to ask for help or browbeat her to do so because for now, she doesn’t need it.
  • She’ll demand her personal space: I know you are frustrated that she has let you in her life, but she doesn’t want to become a part of you, she wants to be in her own zone, and she wants to keep on maintaining the life she was living before she met you. No vex, na singleness mentality dey worry am. Give her small time.
  • She’ll take things slowly: She will be as slow as a snail and will refuse to rush into a relationship even with the attention she’s getting. It’s just too much for her. She is not used to being the girl someone is asking out or getting to know as per single forever. May you be guided by the powers that be on how to deal with this particular one
  • Her communication will be terrible: Her communication skills are not that good because she is not used to having constant communication from someone who is interested in her. She probably won’t text you occasionally or answer your calls right away because according to her, she talked to you 2 hours ago. She’s been alone for such a long time and you’ll probably have to do a crash course for her.
  • She’ll do things without telling you: She is the girl who’ll do whatever she wants including not consulting with you, asking your advice nor she will ask for your permission. She is used to being single and on her own and it will take a while to come out of that zone.
  • She’ll act awkward, but she’s not: She’s been alone for a long time, and letting a person into her life is not so easy as you might think. Some of the things she does might be weird but trust me, she is not necessarily doing it to hurt or push you away. She has just had a system that was working for her.


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