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A few everyday hacks to real and simple house cleaning

Cleaning is an ongoing process and this post gives you real and simple ways to deal with it.

A few everyday hacks to real and simple house cleaning

Look, let it be known now so as to avoid frowning in the future; Cleaning is an ongoing process and unless you never “live” in your home, there will always be something to tidy and clean and we can all agree that cleaning and organizing take time.

Sometimes, it takes the time you do not even have to give. So here are a few real hacks we’ve put together to help cleaning simple and easy.

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  • Make Your Bed Every Day: If you do not know this, then we are glad you are reading it here, making your bed makes your room look great. You try to make your bed immediately you wake up or sometime before night, you will realise that this will let your room look instantly neater.
  • Hang Up Clothes and Put Shoes Away: Look around your house or room right now, are there clothes and shoes scattered around? Maybe there are clothes on that chair, shoes on the floor in the bedrooms, standing fans that have become mini hangers or chairs in the bedroom have become a place to dump your stuff that is not clean but are not dirty either. Look, nothing makes a house look messier than when clothes are left around.
  • Put Things Back Where They Belong: Check out people who maintain a clean and organized home, do you know what they have in common? They know where to find things. They don’t have to waste time running around the house looking for items because they know the exact place they put them or left them.
  • Clean Your Kitchen Each Night: Your kitchen is one room that is used the most in your home and it gets a lot of foot traffic, not only from members of your family but from people who visit and don’t understand boundaries. Kitchens can also be a breeding ground for germs if they are not clean and presentable. Dirt dishes seem to be a significant problem  and the root cause in most households
  • Wipe Down Surfaces After Use: If you want a clean and orderly home, this is a habit that you are going to have to learn asap. This habit supports the clean and orderly goal because it makes you clean up after yourself each time you make a little mess. It also asks the family to be mindful of the person who needs to use the bathroom, kitchen counter, or other space when they are done with it so that their own mess does not become the mess of others.


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