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A few dating standards that actually matter and should not for any reason be reduced

Dating standards everyone should have.

A few dating standards that actually matter and should not for any reason be reduced

In dating and relationships, your standards as a person matters. Not the person you want to date, but your own. This is what determines whether you’re settling down with the average guy who only knows how to build a castle in the air or a sexy and attractive lawyer who loves to travel.

You are the one who decides whatever your make-it or break -it standards are but this is just a suggestion on the 5 standards that should be definitely on your list.

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Most people consider employment, level of education, religion, common interests, anything to do with height, looks or even income. These are all good qualities but they are just icing on the cake, these suggestions below are the cake gan gan.

  • HE OR SHE HAS THE SAME LIFE GOALS AS YOU DO: This personality trait will take a little more time to figure out than the others. The life goals and dreams of the person you are dating should tally alongside yours. It’s not something that you can easily bring up within the first few months of dating as they are to be discovered and revealed over time.
  • YOU FIND HIM OR HER ATTRACTIVE ENOUGH: You might have the same life goals with a particular person but there is a lack of chemistry. Sexual chemistry isn’t the most important thing to look for in a potential partner but it is still a requirement. Don’t try to force it if it’s not there and remember he or she doesn’t need to be the most good looking you’ve ever seen. You just need to be attracted enough.
  •  HE ACCEPTS YOU THE WAY YOU ARE: It is absolutely essential that your boyfriend or girlfriend accepts your weird traits and your flaws. Acceptance is what will make it worthwhile and what will make you free, expressive and truthful.
  • HE OR SHE LISTENS: Your partner should be genuinely interested in what you have to say on a regular basis. Your work stories, work gossip is something he should be grounded in. You should be able to tell him or stories and they’ll remember them. He should hear you when you say you don’t like a particular food or hangout spot/
  • YOU THINK HE OR SHE IS FUN: There is “you think” at the beginning of this because it really is about how you feel when you’re around him or her. Your day to day lives or your dates is spent enjoying time together and hanging out so they must be fun.


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