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A Decent Man is Very Easy To Identify. Here is How

Not all Men are Scum, this post will help you on how you can sift through.

A Decent Man is Very Easy To Identify. Here is How

In the first part of this post, we explained the first 6 ways on how you can identify a decent man.

Please put in mind that the things that make a man decent are not going to be deduced in one day or just a couple of hours. Some of these things take time and you have to be patient.

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This is the concluding part and I hope you can apply one or two of these markers when choosing to settle with a partner.

  1. He’ll never try to turn your own feelings against you: A good man will want you to love yourself the way he loves you which means he’ll do whatever he can to make you feel better and to boost your self-esteem. A man who has no decency in his bones will take any opportunity presented to tear you down and be on cloud 9 when you’re feeling terrible about yourself.
  2. He’ll be open to you about his emotions: Whenever some issues come up that trouble him, he’ll let you know about it without beating around the bush. He has no intention of making you feel sad but he knows that communication is important for the survival of any relationship so he won’t hide anything from you.
  3. When you draw a line he won’t cross it without your permission: A decent man is always respectful and when you’re not comfortable with something, he’ll stop doing it. He will not cross any boundaries that put you in the uncomfortable zone. Whatever line you draw, he will care about you enough to not cross it.
  4.  He’ll do his best to help you love yourself: A decent man acknowledges that your self-esteem is on the good side so he’ll do whatever he can to make you don’t doubt yourself or beat yourself up over something. He’ll always be good to you and will never make you feel less than you are around him.
  5. Through the good times and the bad, he’ll have your back: An undecent man doesn’t really care about anyone but himself so he’ll most likely flee at the sound of anything bad. A decent man will be there for you whenever you need him, whatever the situation or condition. You can reach out to him no matter what time of the day it is.
  6. You’ll never feel the need to doubt him about anything: You can always expect openness and honesty from this kind of man. He knows that you have placed your trust in him and he’ll do his best to never be unfaithful to you or abandon you.


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