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A Brief History of Ceiling Fans


It is difficult to find any home nowadays that does not have at least one ceiling fan. As a matter of fact, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find homes that do not have at least one ceiling fan in each and every room.

This is not just a fashion statement, or perhaps a trend in home decor, ceiling fans offer you excellent benefits that can keep your home running smoothly, regardless of what the temperature is like outside.

Here is a little bit about how ceiling fans were invented, including some of the more popular brands that are available.

The ceiling fan was first developed in 1886 by 2 men by the name of John and James Hunter. This father and son team designed those ceiling fans and they were used primarily in industrial settings. Interestingly enough, these two men were also the men who came to own one of the most popular ceiling fan companies to date, Hunter fans.

Of course, from that humble beginning they really were able to evolve into something that was much more than what either of them could ever have imagined. From the time when these fans were used in industrial settings or were considered to be something that was reserved for luxury homes, they have now found their way into almost every home in the developed world.

The primary reason why people have a ceiling fan in the home is in order to circulate the air in the room. This not only helps to keep the air in movement and from getting stale, it also can have the effect of cooling the air in the summer time and allowing the room to be warmer in the winter time.

It is necessary for you to have the fan set properly to accomplish both of these. In almost every fan that is currently in existence, there is going to be a switch that reverses the rotation direction of the fan. Having it blow up in the cold time will push the warm air down around the walls to keep the room evenly warm and in the warm and hot time, directing the air downward will create a cooling effect that will be considerably noticeable.

This results in a significant decrease in your energy bills when these fans are used properly. It should be noted, however, that ceiling fans themselves too use energy so it is important to turn the fan off when you’re not going to be in the room for an extended amount of time. Keeping the fan turned off during these times can save you huge money per month on your electric bill per fan.

A simple look online or at your local hardware store will reveal that there are many choices available in ceiling fans. Try to choose one that is not only going to move the air effectively but it will look fantastic in the room where it is being installed. This will help add to the decor while at the same time, giving you all the benefits that it has to offer.



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