9 Undeniably Stupid Tricks Men Use to Run Away From Marriage

Some guys fear the talk about marriage! They are several men that truly love their girlfriends but are not willing to take any step forward because they are scared of ‘forever.’

Some men have become very creative when it comes to giving excuses to run away from any talk about marriage.

These are stupid tricks men have devised to run away from marriage.


  1. I am not financially stable

How does he want to be financially stable when the economy itself is not stable? He will probably be one of those people to get engaged at the age of 60 and get married at the age of 70 if he is waiting for financial stability.


  1. I don’t have money

Yes, you require sufficient income to get married but why doesn’t he work a bit harder instead of wasting time binge watching movies and eating?


  1. I want to build a career

Yes, we all want to build a career but does this have to do with anything? This is just like a person who decides to not have any friends because they want to create a restaurant? Is this really a logic?

You can build your career while having your partner’s support.


  1. The age difference is the problem

How come age difference is now the problem when it wasn’t when you first met her? Did you just realize that age difference will be a problem because of marriage? Then you do not deserve to be in a relationship.


  1. I have commitment issues

Great! So you just figured out that you have commitment issues? How can this really be an excuse?

You should try to be more creative next time!


  1. We need to know each other better

This excuse can only be valid if you’ve only started dating for a few months. But if you’ve been together for years, then getting to know each other is not a valid response.


  1. People will get jealous!

Envy is not a valid reason for not getting married. If you’re afraid of losing her, then you should make her yours instead of bothering about people think of you two. Because they don’t care about the two of you.


  1. I’m still too young

What makes you too young for marriage? What happened to the saying, ‘age is nothing but a number?’ Please, you need to elaborate more on how you’re still too young for marriage.


  1. Your life will change completely

How can starting a life with someone you love and adore change her life completely? Life will no doubt be hard for both of you at first but it will be bearable with time.

Stop making flimsy excuses and accept her being beside you.


I hope that you find someone that will be ready to settle down with you instead of making stupid excuses for every question you have!


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