9 Types of Crushes We’ve All Had

Once you read this completely, you’ll realize that you’ve experienced at least 90% of these crushes. We’ve all experienced these types of crushes…no escaping!

Below are 9 types of crushes we’ve all had.


  1. Celebrity crush

It is a common thing for you to crush on celebrities. At whatever age you’re in, you must have crushed on a celebrity at one point in time. In 2017-2018, I crushed on Kenneth Okolie and Captain America.

These celebrity crushes are people you’ll get over with time because they won’t realize that you’re crushing on them…and they’ll probably be other people that are crushing on them!


  1. Never mind crush

This type of crushing arises when you like someone you’ve seen on your way to work every morning. You’ve had your eyes on this guy for weeks but you’ve never had the courage to walk up to him. Then you tell yourself “never mind” believing that he might not be that intelligent or humble.


  1. Fictional crush

Let’s face it. You must have had a crush on a fictional character in a novel or cartoon. It can also be a person that you’ve pictured in your head, who doesn’t exist.


  1. Instagram crush

This type of crush occurs when you like hot people on Instagram. They’ll surely be people that you keep stalking on Instagram because you can’t get enough of their looks and taste for fashion.

Well, I’m seriously crushing on Adekunle Gold even though he’s taken by Simi!


  1. Convenient crush

Convenient crush occurs when you’re at a party with your friends and they’re all paired up. You’re all alone and you have no choice but to crush on the only person that’s available.


  1. Stranger crush

This happens when you’re on a bus or walking on the street, and you come across a very pretty woman with lovely eyes or a handsome dude with a nice physique. But you know that will be the last time you’ll see the person.


  1. Same sex crush

Yes, you’ve once had a crush on a person of the same sex. It could be a lady that you’ve tried to become friends with or a celebrity such as Mercy Johnson or Rita Dominic.


  1. Holiday crush

When you’re on a vacation and you’re touring a new destination, in the moment of meeting new people, you have the tendency of crushing on people that you’ll probably not feel the same way when the holiday is over.


  1. Rebound crush

If you just left a relationship and you’re trying to let go of your past love affair, you must have set your sight on another love interest to get your mind off your old flame.

When this occurs, you’re having a rebound crush.


Crushes are a lot of fun and I’m pretty sure that you must have experienced some of these crushes!



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