9 Things You Should Know About Loving a Hopeless Romantic

Are you in love with a hopeless romantic? Those beings that cherish love more than anything else? Not only do hopeless romantics have big hearts, but they are also very passionate about the person they love.

Here are things to keep in mind when you fall in love with a hopeless romantic!


  1. They go nuts over small gestures

From a hug, kiss, sweet message, flowers to a handwritten note, they go nuts over small gestures. They’ll fall in love with you over and over again when you do something special for them out of the blue.

You should always do these small gestures that will make you see that bright smile spread across their face.


  1. You have to be careful with surprises

Their imaginations run wild when you surprise them and they can actually guess the surprise beforehand. So have all your bases covered and make sure that it is a great surprise!


  1. They can get carried away

Hopeless romantics all go out when they are planning something for their lover. From extra special dinners to heartfelt letters, they will use several reminders to tell you how much they love and care about you.


  1. They know romance is the best part of any movie

You shouldn’t be surprised if you hear giggles when they snuggle up while watching a romantic movie. That’s who hopeless romantics are!


  1. They will romance you like nobody’s business

They love romance and they derive so much pleasure from romancing as well as when they are being romanced. Being with them can actually be like living out a movie dream!


  1. If they don’t get romantic gestures from time to time, it can really burn them out

They desire romance and if a person is doing more than the other, then start to feel a sense of neglect. Hopeless romantics love the romantic gestures and they do not want to feel neglected.


  1. They have plenty of fantasies they want to live out

They love fantasies and they want to be in a dream world. They want to do all it takes to make you feel special and loved. Is it visiting an Italian restaurant or taking you on a trip to Paris? They have a lot of fantasies they want to live out!


  1. They can get creative when there isn’t romance

Yes, it is not always all about watching romantic movies. Hopeless romantics surprisingly know how to make their own movie magic.


  1. Take special care of their hearts

Just the way they are very emotional about love, they are also emotional about heartbreak. This is because they love with an open heart. So be careful so as to not shatter their hearts.


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