9 Things to Never, Ever Wear to Work

Your appearance at work tells a lot about your confidence and personality. Clothing creates an impression about you and can increase your status amongst peers. Also, when you dress sharp, you’ll be more useful at work. You’ll be more presentable for meeting with clients, supervisor, and customers without advance preparation.

What are things you should never, ever wear to work? Check them below!


  1. Anything that it is too short, too tight and too baggy

Do not wear anything baggy to work. Also, do not appear like someone going to a nightclub. Tight clothes are always a no-no!


  1. Yoga pants and leggings

Yes, millennials might argue about this while baby boomers are likely to be against wearing leggings and yoga pants to work.

You should abide by the dressing code your boss instructs. If they’re not wearing leggings to work on a regular basis, then you should not.


  1. Any clothing that shows off your cleavage, back or tummy

You should cover your torso when you’re at your workplace. You should draw attention to your body and not your tummy.

Why would you even decide to wear a show-offy outfit to work?


  1. Light-wash or ripped jeans

A typical business casual office dress code does not include wearing a light-wash or ripped jeans. But if you work in a place where your boss rocks a light-wash or ripped jeans, then you can go ahead and rock them too.


  1. Cold-shoulder tops

These are very trendy and fashionable but they are not appropriate for the office. So store them for your weekend wear.


  1. Pajamas

Really?  Pajamas? Your employer will surely be hesitant to keep you on the job if you look like you’re still in bed.


  1. Visible undergarments

You shouldn’t show your underwear at work because it is very inappropriate.


  1. A lot of animal print

You should know that your workplace is an official setting so it shouldn’t be a place where you’ll wear a lot of animal prints.


  1. Stained clothes

To appear presentable and confident, you should strive to look very neat and well-composed. So do not wear a stained clothing to work. What if you’re to meet with a client on that day?



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