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9 Things Every Fan Should Know About Kate Henshaw

She is one the many in the Nigerian movie industry who for years have entertained their fans and can effortlessly fit into any role given to her, delivering beyond expectations most times. The iconic actress who turned 547 last year is a treasure to the Nollywood industry.

Here are  9 things you probably didn’t know about Kate Henshaw

  • This amazing actress was born on the 19th of July, 1971, in Calabar, Cross River state, Nigeria. Kate is the first of the kids by her parents.
  • Kate completed both her primary and secondary education in Lagos and Calabar respectively she read remedial studies for one year at the University of Calabar leaving for LUTH (Lagos University Teaching Hospital) in Lagos, where she majored in Medical Microbiology at the School of Medical Lab Science.
  • Kate worked for a bit at Bauchi State General hospital before joining the movie world.
  • The iconic actress began acting in 1993 after she auditioned for an acting job in the movie “When the Sun sets”.
  • The actress since joining Nollywood has featured in more than 50 movies such as Broken Tears, Sleeping with the Enemy, Domitilla, The Stolen Bible, Blood on Ice among several others.

  • She has gone on to snag several awards to include the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her role in the movie ‘Stronger than Pain.
  • She married British-born Roderick James Nuttal in 1999. The couple gave birth to their daughter Ella Nuttal in 2000. The marriage ended in 2011. Speaking in an interview about her divorce, Kate is quoted as saying this about her ex-husband, We have our daughter, so we look after her. We still talk about her. She’s part of us. She has to be taken care of, so we talk concerning her and her welfare, everything concerning her. There is no animosity really. It didn’t work, it didn’t work. She went on to speak on their divorce saying; ‘Yeah, I wanted it. It wasn’t working anymore. It’s good to leave than to live together in rancor, with hatred. Sooner or later it will affect my work. You people would say, this girl, there is something wrong with her. If someone is not happy in her home, you will know. It will show in her work, no two ways about it.
  • She is a fitness enthusiast. The actress is known for her love for workouts which she documents on her social media pages.
  • Kate has also directed movies an runs a couple of other businesses Reports have it that the actress owns ‘The Kate Henshaw hairdressing and styling outfit’ both situated in the United Kingdom.


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