9 Sure-Fire Ways to Form a Closer Bond With Your Partner

There are several things that you can do to form a closer bond with your partner. You cannot expect an intense bond and connection with your partner continually over the years. To remain connected, you have to put forth some consistent efforts.

These tips have worked effectively by making partners to form a closer bond. Read them below:


  1. Hang out with other couples

Studies have shown that spending time with other couples can make the two of you become closer to each other. This effect occurs when you engage in deeper personal conversations with couples.

Ensure you make an effort to share your thoughts with your partner and hang out with other couples.


  1. Do something new and exciting

A surefire way to bond with your significant other is by doing something new; especially something exciting and daring.

Couples who share arousing activities experience greater relationship quality.


  1. Set common goals

To become closer with your partner, it is necessary that you work towards establishing common goals. Sitting down and talking about those dreams will draw you too together and increase your bond.


  1. Create rituals together

Couples will form a closer bond by performing rituals together, such as doing chores together, having set times to talk, and watching movies on a day of the week, etc.

Making an effort to develop a few rituals and routines will increase your emotional connection and make you look forward to each other every day.


  1. Gaze into each other’s eyes

If you aren’t used to gazing into each other’s eyes, this might feel strange. You’ll increase your bond as a partner by consciously making eye contact with one another when speaking and gazing into each other’s eyes with love and affection.


  1. Hug for six seconds

Studies have shown that hugging for as little as six seconds can increase your bond and make you closer. There will be enough time for the oxytocin in the brain to be released.

You can hug for longer than that but this quick hug will make you love each other more.


  1. Learn how to listen

One of the best things you can do for each other is by learning how to listen to each other. Listen attentively and non-defensively when your partner is upset about an issue. Validating your partner’s pain strengthens your bond.


  1. Hold hands

Touch is a beneficial form of bonding and connecting. Holding your partner’s hands, sitting next to them on the couch, kissing them will go a long way in strengthening your bond.


  1. Have 5 positive encounters

Did you have an off-day or you got into an argument? Stay close and balance it out with happier moments.

For every negative encounter you had, balance it up with five positive encounters. So focus on creating positive interactions throughout the day.


These tips will strengthen the bond between you and your partner and make you feel closer!




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