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9 Signs You are With a Good Partner

No partner is perfect but you should have a good partner. Here are 9 signs you are with one.

9 Signs You are With a Good Partner

We live in a crazy world and as you can ascertain, it keeps getting crazier day after day. A lot of women think that a good partner does not exist and that is definitely a lie.

A few bad people are obviously making a lot of good people look bad but that should not be a stumbling block or take away the shine of amazing partners.

This post tells you 9 signs that are important to look out for and come to the conclusion that your partner is a good one because as we all know, nobody is perfect.

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  1. He or She will have realistic expectations from you: A true partner knows how much it hurts when someone expects more than the other person is capable of giving. He or She will always have realistic expectations.
  2. He or She will never “pose” as someone else: A good partner will be exactly what he or she is, real. They will never try to be someone else just to impress you because they know that’s not true love, that’s just temporary infatuation. They will show you all of their vulnerabilities because they trust you with and know the importance of being loved by you.
  3. Their past is an open book: Good partners carry their baggage but you know exactly how much the baggage weighs because they have been open about their past. Partners who know each other’s past are both content with each other because they know exactly what they both have gone through.
  4. He or She doesn’t believe in lying: A good partner knows the importance of truth and lives by it. He or She knows how easily one lie leads to another lie and then it turns into a vicious cycle. Good partners always choose to say the truth, no matter how harsh it may be, no matter the consequences, because deep down inside speaking the truth is all that matters.
  5. They will make mistakes, but will always make up for them: There is no such thing as the “perfect partner”, we are all human and we are bound to make mistakes, what matters is what we do to make up for those mistakes. A true partner will always accept his or her mistakes, apologize and mean it.
  6. He or She will never give up on you: A good partner knows the importance of each and every relationship, be it family or otherwise. They know that love is no joke, they know how to cherish your feelings and will try their best to take care of them and preserve them with all of their power. A good will never give up on you regardless of the fights, regardless of the ups and downs, they will stay strong and have faith in the love the two of you share.
  7. He gives more than he expects: A good partner is truly selfless, they know love is not about equal give and take, sometimes the ratio may get a bit imbalanced and that’s okay with them because they’ll still do the most they can do for you.
  8.  They take your intelligence more than your looks: A smart partner knows that looks are very temporary, and it is bound to fade away. They know what’s more important and do not fall in love with you solely because of how you look but because of who you are, because of your intelligence, because of your humour, because of how you make him or her feel.
  9. They respect you for who you are: A good partner will always respect you for who you are, for your individuality, for the person you represent. They will never try changing you into someone else for their own selfish reasons. They will respect the decisions you make and will not criticize you every step of the way, and even if you do, it will never come up.


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