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9 Fashion Tips for the Unfashionable

Do you consider yourself so awkward in fashion? Here are a couple of tips that could help you become fashionable.

9 Fashion Tips for the Unfashionable

9 Fashion Tips for the Unfashionable

For the 9 Fashion Tips for the Unfashionable, Let us come together and agree that some of us have no clue about this fashion world. Myself inclusive to be very honest.  As long as we can wear jeans every day, Flip-flops, manage to keep our toenail polish presentable and do minimal makeup, we are on the exact path we need to be.

These tips are mostly for people who venture into the outside world once a week and are usually not sure what to do with themselves when it comes to clothes.

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  1. Stylish Doesn’t Have to Mean Uncomfortable: Some of you are flip-flop addicts and that is super okay but before you pick up another cheap, shapeless t-shirt to pair with your flip-flop, you can find a tee that does not look like it has gone through hell and back. You can actually find stylish pieces that are comfortable and make your flip flop look good.
  2. Find a Kick-Ass Pair of Jeans: We all know that a pair of jeans is an important piece in every wardrobe but you can’t have cheap jeans all through. You’ll have to spend a little to get a great pair of jeans that fits you perfectly. But the good news is, they’ll look so great on you that you can wear them every day.
  3. Flaunt What You Got: Stop, Take a few minutes and think about what your best feature is, whether great boobs, a small waist, beautiful eyes. Now the plan is to show it off as much as you can.  Find what brings out your best feature and run with it.
  4. Don’t Be Too Matchy-Match: Stop trying too hard to match all your pieces together. Allow different colours come out to play. This does not then mean you should go the colour blocking route either. When you’re out shopping, don’t buy the same colour of jacket to match the skirt and even if you do, don’t wear them together.
  5. You need a Consultant: Do you have a friend who knows and understands fashion? Ask her to come over and look through your wardrobe with you. She might see fresh new combinations that you are not seeing or she might have ideas for pieces you could pick up to stretch your wardrobe further. Bribe her with something she likes.
  6.  Jeggings: If you want to go down the jeggings or leggings path, please, for the love of fashion, cover your butt.  (You can read up on the Do’s and Dont’s of wearing leggings HERE)
  7. When in Doubt, Swap: You know that shirt that you only wore once because it shows a little too much? Those pant trousers that you keep hoping will size you but it’s been 5 years, and you’ve gone up and not down? All you need to do is get a group of friends, pick a venue and time and all of you bring your unappreciated clothes for swapping. Everyone leaves with a new piece of clothing. Any clothes not picked or disregarded can be given to charity.


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