9 Dumbest Startup Business Ideas Of All Time.

The last one is unbelievable

You sure know how most people say never give up on all your dreams? Well these guys definitely should have given up. YES! i mean what i said.

An entrepreneurial spirit is so great, but combined with the defiance to logic, it can actually lead to some of the stupidest creations ever seen or witnessed. I feel so bad for these guys, but at the same time, it is entertaining, so WTH?

Here are some of the worst startup ideas ever heard or seen!

1. Blackmail:


A page to blackmail your friends and family
“A social threat network where you can share your friends and family secrets, revealing it slowly until they (your friends) pay you to stop. I hear you saying WTF? Yes it surely is. That is the description of the website that was supposed to be a business model for someone. It is some how evil and I love it, but I’m glad it never came to fruition.

2. MyFuneral:


A website to choose what you want your funeral’s DJ to look like. Yes! you heard me right.
It is always good to be ready for everything in life, but not sure about “after life” including your eventual demise. This idea for a particular website let you pick who is invited to your funeral, and who is not. It even let you choose the DJ for the day.

3. Loonie:

peopleA social media network for your imaginary friends
This one was pitched as a social network for all your imaginary friends. keeping track of your favorite non-existent friends was never being much fun. For real though, this is some how pretty.

4. Dumbest method to remove voting fraud:

The owner of this business claims to have figured out how to solve all voting fraud. Databases of everyone that votes, their pictures and a printout. Basically, there is no privacy and giving up the idea of a secret ballot completely.

5. Blue smartphone: Bendy smartphone for your wrist

This particular bendy smartphone catered to everyone’s silly fantasies. However, the money they have asked for on Kick-starting the product apparently will not even cover the cost of their research and development, let alone sort out the production. Luckily for them, the good people of Reddit exposed the proposed scam.

6. Ghost hunter app: That detects paranormal presence around you

These people are trying to capitalize on people’s dreams of being a ghost buster. This particular app tells you what ghost forces are around you or your community using terms like “true heading”, Geo location e.t.c. All of which we know is too gibberish. Anyway, they are trying to make some money to properly produce it. I say, good luck.

7. Digital Eco recycle bin: To get rid of all digital software the right way

It is okay to care about your environment, but with the pollution of the virtual space? WTF! Why keep shoving all things into the regular recycle bin when you surely have the option of deleting your song or file via an Eco recycle bin. Things are just getting retarded. LOL

8. BaRock: Printing pictures of Obama on every rocks:

If the picture above does not explain it better, then nothing else will. These guys basically wanted some cash to take tons of rock and put Obama’s charismatic visage on all of them, some googly eyes and all. They even made an explanatory video about it and have received so much donations to the staggering amount of $23. (N 8,300.00).

9. Condom Key Chain: Exactly what it sounds like:

This particular guy with an MBA from a university decided to normally produce a condom key chains maybe after seeing someone make one. Surprise surprise! Unfortunately, he later realized he had no business acumen and the whole business model went flip sided.


A lot of these funny businesses is everywhere. Let us know if you have more to add to all these. Thanks for reading.


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