9 Black People Whose Inventions Changed the World

All over the world, blacks have contributed positively to the growth and development of the industries and areas around them. There are so many inventions that we use in our everyday lives that were made by these bright minds. Despite the recurrent racial issues that havfile:///C:/Users/SIR%20JOSH/Desktop/nairaland/PATRICIA.pnge been faced by people of “color” over time, they have made some innovations that are integral to the society we live in today.

Last month, Black people all over the globe were celebrated as the month was tagged “Black History Month”, and though it might be a little late, but we at reterdeen also celebrated these intelligent, blessed and determined set of people. In view of that, we have compiled a list of 9 inventions by black inventors whose inventions changed the world. Take a look;

  1. Dr Philip Emeagwali

I’m sure most Nigerians have heard of and are proud of this man. Philip Emeagwali is credited with inventing the world’s first supercomputer, capable of performing over 3 billion calculations in 1 second. He is also largely associated with the developed of the internet as we know it today.

  1. Dr Marian Croak

This African-American Ph.D holder is the person we have to thank for making internet-based audio/video communications possible. How? Simple. She invented the Voice Over Internet Protocol, VIOP, which is what makes things like Skype calls, online messaging, video conferencing, etc possible.

  1. James E. West

If you have ever been saved from shouting to address a loud crowd of people by using a microphone instead, then you have this man to be grateful to. James E. West, along with Gerhard M. Sessler invented the foil electrets microscope, which till today remains the principle on which modern microphones are made.

  1. Marie Van Brittan Brown

This woman paved the way for home security and modern CCTV development when she developed the first home security system. She used peepholes, cameras and a radio-controlled wireless system to make her home more secure.

  1. Dr Charles Drew

The good doctor was in the army when he created the first refrigerated “blood mobiles” to prolong blood shelf-life for his fellow soldiers during WWII. This invention by Dr Drew paved the way for the creation of modern blood banks as we know them today. So if you have ever gotten a blood transfusion from a blood bank, make a mental thanks to Dr Charles Drew.

  1. George Washington Carver

Although George Carver didn’t invent peanut butter as many believe, he is accepted in the world as the “Peanut Butter Guy”. He spent his life, working on improving agriculture, and is credited for the peanut butter we know today. He is also responsible for the invention of over 300 products of peanut.

  1. Dr Patricia Beth

Dr Patricia Beth is not only the first black woman to finish a residency in ophthalmology; she is also the first black female doctor to receive a medical patent. She is the person that invented the Laserphaco Probe, a device that uses laser technology to treat cataracts. The Laserphaco Probe is still used till this day.

  1. Alexander Miles

Miles is known for creating a major solution to a nagging problem back then. People used to fall through elevator shafts because they had no doors over them. Alexander Miles created the first automated elevator doors. He is the reason why we don’t have to drag elevator doors close when we get on.

  1. Richard Spikes

If you have ever thought “God bless the person that invented automatic gear shift” when driving, then you are praying for this man. Richard Spikes created the auto gear in 1932 and also contributed to many other inventions like automatic safety brakes, multiple barrel machine gun and the beer keg tap.



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