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8 Working Tips to Get Rid of Your C-Section Incision Without Scar

Cesarean section can fade off without scars

Cesarean section is now a common way in which many women deliver their babies. It is the delivery of a baby through an incision on the mother’s abdomen. When a woman gives birth through C-section, her abdomen carries the scars of the incision.

In a new study, some researchers make claims to being able to fade off the scars from a C-section through fat. Fat has often being seen as something to get rid of from the human body yet it is the base of the idea behind the popular Keto diet.

In this case, fat is desirable in helping to heal wounds without leaving scars. In a study published in the AAAS Science Journal, there are claims that fat does not only prevent scars, it also helps to give the skin more naturalness. They found out that they can control how a wound heals such that it would not turn to a scar but a new skin. Dr. George Cotsarelis of the University of Pennsylvania stated that the hair follicle would first be regenerated then; the fat responds to the changes in the hair follicle.

Sadly, this fatty technique of removing scars only apply to future surgical cuts or C-section not older scars (the ones you already have) However there are some other scar removal methods you can try out but with due consultation and the permission of your doctor.

Onion Juice:

Using the juice of the onion is a home remedy that can help to soften and lighten scars.


This helps to reduce swelling, and grow new tissue.

Petroleum-based ointments:

This involves applying petroleum jelly while keep the scarred area dry and covered. Petroleum jelly helps to keep the scarred area from itching and growing.

Vitamin E cream:

This helps to improve the way your scars appear by lowering raised scars and stopping scar tissue from growing.

Silicone sheets or gel:

Silicone sheeting or gel can work as an effective scar treatment. A bandage can also be used to apply pressure and flatten the scars if it is raised.

However, If you do not want to use any of the mentioned products, you can try out the following;

Treatment after healing:

As soon as your C- section incision heals. Always feel free to talk to your doctor about any treatment that would work for you. Do not wait for long before doing anything to make your C-section appear better.


Gently massage your scar a couple of times during the day to help soften it. You can also use a moisturizing cream to soften it.

Limit sun exposure:Do expose your scar to sunlight for at least six months after your C-section

In all, you have to learn to appreciate the journey of bringing life into the world, it is no small feat. Be proud of your C-section scar, no matter the appearance. It is your badge of bravery!


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