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8 Ways Your Partner Says I Love You Without Actually Saying it

Want to know how your partner says I LOVE YOU without really saying it? Get in here then

8 Ways Your Partner Says I Love You Without Actually Saying it

Some people show love in so many small acts, and if you’re looking to find the three words, in particular, you might pass right by the very thing that you desperately seek.

We will help you focus your attention on 10 different ways in which your partner might be saying the three big words and you do not know. If you like, be claiming that you know and don’t focus your attention on this great article.

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  1. The way they look at you: The is a  lot that can be decoded from the eyes. When your partner looks at you, do their eyes look calm, kind and sweet? Maybe a little sparkly? Have you ever caught them looking at you when you’re doing something else? These are all very quiet ways of communicating love.
  2. The kind of plans they make: You should give accolades to a partner who puts some thinking into the kinds of plan they make. If they pick special events that you would particularly enjoy, that means they’re listening and they want to make you happy.
  3. When they pamper you: Most nights, we’re all tired but If your partner up rubs your feet or your back, they are displaying a little act of love. Same goes for if they read to you,(for those of you who read o ehen) or make you a midnight snack or cup of tea.
  4. They want to take care of you: Have you ever gotten into a quarrel with a someone, does your partner sweep in and tell you everything will be OK? Do they ask questions? Do they listen to the answers? These are all ways of telling someone “I love you” without shouting it from the roof of your house
  5. They show emotions: It’s sometimes hard to cry or show some form of emotion in front of someone else. But if they feel comfortable doing so in front of you, you may be well on your way to love city.
  6. They trust you: And you trust them. Trust is a vital part of any real, lasting partnership. Trust has to be utmost in the equation. If you travel and don’t worry about what they’re up to in your absence, and the same is true for them, this is a good sign.
  7. They are Understanding: If your partner is kind to you, that’s so priceless. If you have to cancel a date because your friend needs you, or if you just want to spend your Saturday morning sleeping after an exhausting week, and that’s met with understanding or even enthusiasm, you’re with the right person.
  8. They care about you: A combination of actions and words express the way someone feels about us. If your partner has told you they love you, relish it. If not, don’t stay waiting upon those words.

If your partner exhibits many or most of these characteristics, they care deeply for you. And it’s very possible that they love you. Let it unfold.


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