8 Ways To Be More Attractive To Women

Winning the heart of a woman does not just come down to look good o. For a woman to fall n love with you, she first has to find you handsome, but handsomeness for women involves more than being a fine boy no pimple.

Apart from being good looking, there are some features women look at for and if you possess these features they go over heels in love with you but if you don’t then you need to work on yourselves. Like I earlier stated, for women to be attracted towards you, you need to be handsome, so what really are the features of a handsome man? Check out this acronym of that clearly depicts it.

Honesty :Honesty they say is the best policy. If you want a woman to be attracted to you, always tell the truth. Many men ruin their chances of having the women of their dreams because they lie to impress.Don’t tell her you are living in a duplex whereas you are living in a face-me-I-face- you compound. Don’t tell her you are working in chevron and you are only a secondary teacher. Always be truthful no matter what,

Attentive: From your dating stage and even after marriage, always give her attention. Drop the gamepad and pay full attention to whatever she is saying. Listen to her it will win her heart.

Neat: If you want ladies to go crazy over you, make sure you take your hygiene seriously, use a good deodorant, groom your bread neatly, always have a nice hair cut, wear clean undies and make sure your nails are in good shape.

Dress well: Dressing well doesn’t mean you must wear a tuxedo every day. Just ensure the sleeves, shirt, jean or whatever clothes you are wearing are clean and properly ironed. Also, have a good sense of fashion and know the right color combination.

Smart: Women don’t like unintelligent men. Plain and simple. Watch the news, read books, watch a documentary and do all other intellectual activities. Let me tell you a secret, Most women are don’t know how to play chess, but they love men who know their onion in the game of chess. Wondering why? Because they find it intellectual.

Organized: From your daily schedule to your closet, be organized and do your things meticulously. Be optimistic, smile often and keep a to-do list and make sure your room is spick and span when she is coming over.

Money: A big muscle is worthless without a big wallet. Don’t be deceived women are not attracted to beard but to a man that can assure them a daily bread when they get married. Rather than grow a beard, get a job, invest in a business and increase your bank account.

Exercise: Working out keeps you fit and healthy. If you have a big tummy, you don’t necessarily need to do 100 push-ups to get six-packs. Having six-packs and big muscle does not matter. A bit of jogging and walking will do.



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