8 Ways Books and Movies Affected Our Perception About Love

We have a perfect image of when, how and where we want to meet the love of our lives. We imagine how this person will appear in our lives and make us happier and better.

This perception of love will change when it happens. We expect to have this mesmerizing love story like that of a story in a book or part of a movie.

The question is, is it realistic to have these kinds of expectations about love? Does this kind of love happen in real life or are they just fantasies created to grab the reader/watcher’s attention?

Books and movies change our perception about love and lead us into having unrealistic expectations through the following ways:


  1. Love, at first sight, doesn’t really exist

Many of us are tricked into believing that we can magically fall in love with someone that we just met. This is not true. Yes, you can get attracted to someone that you just met but you can’t just fall in love with the person instantly.


  1. Romanticizing the pain of love

Books and movies make us feel that love is painful and that we should carry on with the relationship. They romanticize the pain associated with loving someone.

Love and pain are two different feelings that are not related. Love can be painful but it doesn’t happen all the time.


  1. Bad boys can change

You shouldn’t date a playboy and expect him to change his character and attitude all in the name of love. The reality is that people don’t really change.

There are no actual odds of bad boys changing in real life.


  1. Life isn’t just about being with someone

Romantic movies and books make love the centre of the storyline and the characters to revolve love.

In reality, life is much more than love. Your relationship with your significant other shouldn’t be the most essential thing in your life. You just have to allocate time to balance your health, family, friends, career, and solitude.


  1. The happy ending

In real life, happy endings do not happen. Life is filled with periods of happiness, sorrows, and sadness. The ‘happy after’ you watch in movies and read in books are not real.


  1. The idea of being saved by your partner

Love is wonderful and amazing, but movies and books trick us into believing that our partner can save us from pain, depression, and misery.

In reality, no one can save you. You’re the one that can save yourself!


  1. Not all fights end in a kiss

Both parties are usually stubborn to end a fight, so all fights don’t end in a kiss.

Fights usually end with the husband sleeping in the living room or the wife spending the night at her parents’ place.

In reality, fights end when the issues are resolved and not with a kiss!


  1. Expectations vs reality

Because of books/movies, most partners start having unrealistic expectations about their lives together. The man expects his partner to look stunning even when sleeping and the lady expects her lover to shower him with expensive gifts and take her on a dinner date very often.

This is a fairy tale and it doesn’t happen in reality!


You shouldn’t be deceived by books/movies so as to not ruin your REAL relationship with the person who loves and adore you.


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