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8 Travel Etiquette Every Air Passenger Should Know

A consistent traveller has had a series of experiences on numerous planes which included the breaking of some of these rules.

8 Travel Etiquette Every Air Passenger Should Know

Constant travel would keep you familiar with a series of experiences on numerous planes which include the breaking of some rules. What is worse is that the physical demands of flying would have been exhausting enough but they bleed into our emotional and mental states, and our trip ends up being just a little less awesome.

However, being the considerate passenger that you are, you are unlikely to upset other tourists in because you will know better. Here, are a few guidelines for air-travel.

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  1. Respect the Lavatory: It is bad etiquette to take a lot of time in the lavatory but it is so much worse to make a mess of it. It’s not your home, so take good care of it and yourself while you use it.
  2. Get up only at convenient times: Think or plan about your breaks ahead. If there is a flight attendant with a tray coming towards you, the appropriate thing is to stay put. By the way, getting up before the dinner tray gets to you is considered a taboo.
  3. Consider your hygiene: Keep in mind that too much perfume or cologne in an enclosed space is unpleasant and choking. You can use deodorant as that is not as harsh. Remember to brush your teeth, bring a toothbrush and travel toothpaste in your carry on,
  4. Recline carefully: Look behind carefully before reclining and before you do, its polite to warn the individual whose space you are about to invade so that they can adjust themselves appropriately. But you should stay upright during meals. You don’t have to be fully reclined if you can bare it.
  5. Think about how you choose to sleep: Please check your sleeping position so as not to drool or snooze on your neighbor’s shoulder. If you are in the middle seat, avoid using the tray table as a headrest so your neighbor can get past you without trouble.
  6. The middle seat gets armrest: Speaking of the middle seat, this person has no room to stretch his or her feet or where to rest so automatically, they get the armrest.
  7. Be kind to flight attendants: They did not make or create any of the rules they inform you about. Giving them a hard time is not only obnoxious, but it can delay the flight.
  8. Don’t be a talker: Most people would like to travel in silence or at least be quiet for the first hour. Do not become a pest by trying to get them to talk when they clearly don’t feel like talking to you.


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