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8 Top Things You Must See and Do in Abeokuta

Wanting to visit Abeokuta anytime soon, here are 8 things you can do

8 Top Things You Must See and Do in Abeokuta

There are a lot of places and experiences that are worth exploring in the ancient city of Abeokuta, that makes for great memories and as well as offering a chance to learn more about this historic town and all it has to offer.

Here are 8 things you can do when you visit ABK

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  1. Attend the Ake Arts and Book Festival

    There is no way your exploration of Abeokuta would be complete without starting with the largest book festival in Nigeria. The festival includes readings, discourses, dance, art and tours. The festival welcomes different people, both from Africa and beyond. Although moved to Lagos for the 2018 edition, we are not sure if it will return to its birth state or keep moving.

  2. Take a tour of the Centenary Hall

    The hall which was built in 1950 to signify a hundred years of peace in the rock city is a delight to explore and offers a lot of opportunities for photo shoots to all and sundry.

  3. Visit the markets

    Abeokuta offers several colourful markets with lots of charming products on offer. The Kemta Adire Market focuses entirely on the production and sale of Adire, the historical Osiele Market is as old as Abeokuta itself and both foodstuff and herbal remedies for common ailments can be bought there while Itoku Market is also one of the oldest, and is the place to go if you want to get great bargains on arts and crafts.

  4. Visit the National Museum Abeokuta

    National Museum is a must if you want to walk the path of the ancient people that lived in Abeokuta. The museum also offers tours that are both enlightening and fun.

  5. Explore the ancient palace of Alake of Egba

    Egba is one of the oldest places in Abeokuta and the Alake title is also the oldest, the Alake is the king of the Egba, who were the original settlers of Abeokuta. The palace is now a monument and museum worth exploring.

  6. Climb Olumo Rock

    The most famous place in Abeokuta is the Olumo Rock which is a hill that served as a hiding place for the Egba people during the slave-taking voyages of the Yoruba Civil War and the town itself is named after it, as Abeokuta means ‘under the rock’. Getting to the peak of the hill is worth the climb, as it gives you the high view of the whole town, lying in the valley, and of the Ogun River.

  7. Take pictures of the Oyan River Dam

    The Oyan River is a tribute of the Ogun River and was dammed in 1983. Take a visit there and inspect a fine example of what can be achieved when humans work with nature.

  8. Attend the Egungun Festivals

    One of the most interesting festivals of Abeokuta is the periodic appearances of the Egungun which is believed to be the spirits of the departed ancestors and is celebrated once a year. There are several masquerades that come from different compounds and one of them is Egun Ile Alare, known for its acrobatic feats.



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