8 Thoughts People in their 20s Have About Love and Relationships

The four-lettered-word ‘love’ is desired by almost everyone on planet earth. Becoming a part of this is what we all agree will bring immeasurable happiness and joy in our lives.

We want to find our heart desire and live happily ever after. However, this decision is never that easy, especially for people in their 20s.

The following are some of the thoughts about love and relationships you’ll probably be having if you’re in your 20s.


  1. You’re too old for casual dating but too young for marriage

In your 20s, you’re just too confused about everything. You think that you’re too young to have a boyfriend/girlfriend and too old to get married!

So you’re in the middle of the fence, not wanting to get into a casual relationship and still not ready to take responsibilities. So you’re looking for a relationship that’s not too committed.


  1. You’re torn between following your heart and being realistic

You love this person but you’re certain that this person isn’t the right one for you. It is like having the spark as a teenager and the wisdom to understand that the relationship won’t work.

This is one of the most heartbreaking moments because your smart self is the one breaking your heart. So you have to stay strong!


  1. It feels like if you’re to follow your dreams, then love will be out of the picture for a while

You want to actualize your dreams and build a career, launch your startup and travel all over the world.

You know that it will be great to have a supportive partner but you know that your partner deserves a stable life, but you can’t offer that right now.

So you just stay away from love for the time being while you build your career.


  1. You want your freedom, but you still need love

Your 20s is the period of your life when you’re in a thin line between love and freedom. You have your freedom but you don’t want to lose it because you know that once you do, there’s no going back.

You need a partner who loves you but you also want your freedom, and you’re scared of making a choice.


  1. Most of the people you know are pressuring you to get into a relationship

The people around you are making a big deal that you’re still single. Sometimes, this pushes you to make wrong decisions, but do not let this lead you to a wrong destination.

Do not settle to pleasing them because it is your life and it is all about your happiness.


  1. You’re afraid of making the wrong choice

You’ve witnessed friends and family members living miserable lives because they made the wrong choice when choosing their spouse.

Choosing the partner to spend the rest of your life becomes a critical decision to make because you’re scared of choosing the wrong person.

So you’ll rather be alone than end up with the wrong partner!


  1. A question like ‘What if I never find love or meet the right person?’ keeps haunting you

This question is always at the back of your head and it suddenly pops even when you’re not thinking it.

The ‘unknown’ person is getting you anxious and you’re worried that you might not meet your soulmate.


  1. It’s confusing that all your friends are at different stages of their lives

Some of your friends are already married with children. Some of them are focusing on their careers, some are partying all day, etc.

You’re just at the middle, confused about your own life. This is an awkward moment because while you see your mates excel in their chosen path, and you’re confused about what to do with your life.


Which of these can you relate to?


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