8 Things You Learn By Dating Many People

Being in several relationships can be time-consuming and frustrating because you’ll do the same thing over and over again. It can also be exciting because you’ll get to have several experiences with different people and different personalities.

Below are 8 things that can actually make dating a blessing.


  1. You will know exactly what you want

People with limited or no experience tend to have little idea on what they actually want. But since you’re experienced and you’ve seen lots of personalities, you know what makes you happy and what you like. This will make you know exactly what you want in a relationship.


  1. You will know exactly you don’t want

You’ve been in a relationship with a possessive lover or a violent person, so you know what you can and cannot tolerate in a relationship.

This will prevent you from wasting your time with a partner who isn’t what you want.


  1. You can easily read people

Yes, people tend to act nicer than they are and impress you when you’re trying to get to know them. But you can easily know who they truly are because you’ve trained yourself to understand and know the real nature of a person.


  1. You’ve learnt a lot

Yes, you learnt a lot. You’ve learnt from the mistakes of you and your partner. So you know when it is time to give your significant other some little space and when it is time to walk away.


  1. You’ve had your fair share of games

You’ve had your fair share of games so you’re looking for a serious relationship. You want to be with your soulmate and not in a casual relationship that will likely not last for months.


  1. You know what a healthy relationship is like

You can tell a healthy relationship from a toxic one because you know their differences. So you won’t waste your time in a toxic relationship because you’ve learnt from the past.


  1. You understand yourself more

Going through different experiences will enable us to understand ourselves better. This is because we understand what we like and hate, what makes us happy and sad, and how to function in different situations.


  1. It is hard for you to fall for the wrong person

Having experienced a lot in your past relationships, it will be hard for you to fall for the wrong person. So when you fall, you fall for someone that is worth for time, efforts and energy.


Dating a number of people doesn’t make you a failure when it comes to relationships. It only means that you didn’t understand yourself well and you didn’t know your needs.

But now you do. So it’s time to learn from your past because experience is truly the best teacher!


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