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8 Things You did not Know About Chanel the Designer

What do you know about Chanel the woman?

8 Things You did not Know About Chanel the Designer

Even the biggest Chanel fans might not know all there is to know about what really put Coco Chanel on the map when she started out? Why are camellia flowers spotted everywhere from the runway to shopping bags at boutiques? Why the logo of a Lion or Chanel No 5. All of these questions and more will be answered in this post.

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  1. What put Coco Chanel on the Fashion Map? Coco Chanel began her career in fashion by designing hats. In 1912, Chanel’s first products to become popular were hats for the glamorous women of France.
  2. Iconic Chanel No 5: Coco Chanel’s favourite number was five, which played a part in the name of Chanel N°5 perfume. It is also said that the men she admired liked the fifth sample of perfume best. 8 Things You did not Know About Chanel the Designer
  3. Why Coco Chanel designed a two-tone shoe: Chanel’s signature two-tone slingback shoes were originally designed with black and beige because Chanel believed that beige lengthened her leg and black hides the spots from wear and tear.
  4. Why Chanel’s signature tweed jackets have chains: There’s a chain sewn into the lining of Chanel signature tweed jackets that creates a unique fit by ensuring the jacket to maintain a military-style shape at all times.
  5. Why black became a hallmark colour: While you may know that black is a signature colour of the Chanel brand, She loved the colour because it recalls the monastic rigour of the uniforms of the Aubazine orphanage she grew up in.
  6. Why you’ll see lion motifs: Coco Chanel was inspired by the lion during her travel to Venice and it became a signature symbol in Chanel that you can still see in most things that are produced by the Chanel brand.
  7. Why you’ll see the camellia flower everywhere: The brand first used the camellia flower by adding one to the belt of a striped shirt while on vacation. It went on to both be her favourite flower and a classic motif in everything.
  8. How many hours does it take to create a couture jacket: Did you know the average Chanel Haute Couture jacket takes 130 hours to create?


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