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8 Things That are not on the ‘To Do’ List in a Relationship

Are you in a relationship? Here are a few things to not do while in it.


Relationships are a combination of several elements. The primary one being a healthy give and take element. That also means letting go of bad habits that are detrimental to the relationship and recognising them in your partners. Here are some practices that are never okay in a relationship and can simply be termed as deal-breakers.

Read 8 of such things

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  1. Taking him/her for granted: It is comforting to know that you are in a secure relationship where your partner loves you and is always there for you. But it is also crucial to not abuse that love and security. Taking your partner for granted is equivalent to choking your relationship with your very own hands.
  2. Lies: I cannot emphasize how unacceptable this is. There are no little white lies and very often, it starts small then leads to bigger lies. More often than not, when someone breaks your trust once, it becomes difficult to trust that same person again. Lies are a deal breaker and should be avoided.
  3. Keeping score: Once you understand that you can never completely balance out your relationship, you would understand that keeping score is pointless and also detrimental to your own mental health, as well as your relationship. Relationships are not a competition, don’t turn them into one.
  4. Avoiding confrontations: Relationships, where couples don’t fight or argue, are usually characteristic of repressed anger and bottled up emotions. This does not mean that you should fight like cats and dogs but talking it out in a healthy and civilised manner is in the interest of your relationship.
  5. Invasion of privacy: Several long-term couples have no issue sharing their passwords since in a healthy relationship there is no need to hide anything, but it is imperative to understand that actively asking for such details so you can go through your partner’s phones/emails/personal belongings is frankly rather disrespectful. If you do this, then you are as good as saying to them that you don’t trust them.
  6. Inequality: Inequality isn’t just through household chores and career changes there is also Emotional inequality which is a major cause of breakups. Emotional inequality is when one partner is less committed to the relationship and that is not acceptable.
  7. Estrangement: When your partner asks you to alienate yourself from the people who have always been a part of your life, then that is when you know you need to either sit down and talk to them or eventually call it off. Asking one to give up one’s family and friends is never acceptable in a relationship.
  8. Disrespect: In a healthy relationship, couples should respect each others’ feelings and opinions. It is also important to fight fair and name calling, sarcasm or any sort of verbal abuse is simply not justifiable. This leads to hurt, the build-up of resentment and eventually the termination of relationships.


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