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8 Things a Man Wants From the Woman he Loves

Not every time you as a Woman. Sometimes, think about your Man

8 Things a Man Wants From the Woman he Loves

Did you know that most men, when they walk out the door to go to work, one of their deepest fears is that hope that you’ll never see them as a failure?

You do not believe me? Ask your partner.

But the truth is you can have knowledge of something that he wants, but applying it is where it gets difficult. This post is to help you recognize what he wants and hopefully help you apply or act it out.

Please note that these tips will not be helpful if you are going through any kind of emotional, physical or mental abuse from your spouse. Seek immediate help if that is the case.

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  • HE NEEDS TO BE TOLD THAT YOU’RE PROUD OF HIM: Without knowing, we have a tendency to let our partner know when they are doing something wrong, but neglect to acknowledge when they do something right. If this is a habit of yours, over time they might just give up trying to please you, thinking that you can never be satisfied — in their minds, they have done everything possible.
  • HE NEEDS YOU TO THINK THE BEST OF HIM: If you’ve been let down time and time again, it’s only human to keep expecting the worst and very hard to expect the best but if or when he screws up, it doesn’t always need to be voiced. Maybe, just maybe if you show your partner grace when he fails, then he will want all the more to repay that grace with following through the next time.
  • HE NEEDS YOU TO USE YOUR WORDS: Your emotions and feelings in the midsts of an argument can very easily end up ruling your mind and actions if you don’t give them time to settle down. And most times, your emotions and feelings do not come across clearly because they can be a jumble. He probably might need you to discuss those said emotions with words.
  • HE NEEDS RESPECT: It is unfortunate that some men have abused and misused respect to gain some sort of rule over women. Especially in this part of the world, it has begun to mean an unhealthy submission to do anything and everything the man wants instead of it being a way to figuring out how he likes to be loved. The truth of the matter is, respect for a man translates to love.
  • HE NEEDS TO HAVE ALONE TIME WITH HIMSELF OR GUY FRIENDS: It’s perfectly normal and healthy for couples to have alone time but your man may need moments now and then to be alone and just do something for himself.

  • HE NEEDS AFFIRMATION AND ADMIRATION ON HOW HE LOOKS: Your man needs to know that you think he is handsome. Men are sometimes insecure than they will ever let you know. So tell him he looks nice, compliment specific features that you love about him. Just make his day by telling him he’s attractive and the man of your dreams.
  • HE NEEDS YOU TO NEED HIM: Men need to be needed and I don’t subscribe to the notion that men are simple. They might say they are uncomplicated, logical, sensible or unemotional, but deep down lies many needs and emotions that, in my opinion, are sometimes explained in illogical ways. We tend to overemphasize our needs, while men don’t open up at all.


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