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8 Style Tips To Dressing Sharp For Men Above 40

Do not let your age prevent you from looking sharp. Read style tips for the Man that is 40+

8 Style tips to dressing sharp for the Man above 40

Every decade in the life of a man demands of him different styles so as to not only look his age but look dapper as he cannot be dressed as he was 20 years ago. The ’40s is one of the most important decades as that’s the time to pay real attention to honing your style that you’ve developed in your 20’s and 30’s.

All you have to do is try to keep your wardrobe simple and sophisticated as there is no need to go overboard.  Here is a complete guide on some style tips for men who are in their 40’s. By the way, that excuse about being too old to try new things is not valid. You should at least try.

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  1. Keep your wardrobe updated with lasted fashion trends: There is a certain trend for Men your age. It does not change as often as a millennial as it has its own pace. You should try to follow it and keep up to date at least with a few pieces.
  2.  Go for perfect fitted outfits: It is okay to get your clothes fitted. No fashion police is going to hold you down. If it’s loose get it tailored as It is not okay to walk around with loose clothing all because you are getting older Sir.
  3. Watch is your ultimate style statement: As a man in his 40’s your style statement should include wristwatches. They were a thing in your young days and they should still remain so now. Get yourself to invest in good and durable wristwatches and see your looks take on a different edge.
  4.  Hairstyles: Mohawks or any of the 20’s hairstyle should not be your go-to hairstyle. Find a hairstyle that suits your personality as a person as well as your age.
  5.  T-shirts: It’s not okay to think that T-shirts are strictly for young people and so should be ignored. Put on a pair of jeans once in a while and find a good tee with some cool inscriptions to go with it. Rock with good sunglasses if the weather permits you. Remember that clean and crisp is the watchword.
  6. Sneakers: What is a good pair of jeans and T-shirt with an equally good pair of sneakers? Invest in at least one and make sure it’s clean and super classy. Yes, there is nothing wrong with having a pair, Sir.
  7. Match your shoes and belt: This cannot be over-emphasized for Men enough. Get into the habit of matching your shoes and belt. Do not forget this golden rule just because you are advancing in age.
  8. Invest in clothes that you are comfortable in: In as much as we are aiming for trendy, comfort should be the number one priority. You have to comfortable with these tips if not, it will be hard to pull it off. So make sure that whatever tip you decide to follow, you are first and foremost comfortable with it as a person.

We’ll leave with this quote to spur you into looking good even at your age

Dressing well is a form of good manners.
—Tom Ford


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