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8 Signs That Will Let you Know You’re not Over Your Ex

Just in case you are not sure, here are 8 signs to confirm to you that you are not over you Ex.

8 Signs That Will Let you Know You're not Over Your Ex

I’m sure as you saw this title, your mind went exactly to your Ex and I am going out on a limb and saying he was the last person you dated not the one from 7 years ago (Unless 7 years ago was the last time you were in a relationship which means this post is not what you need)

Well, if you are not sure and you think you might or might not be, I am here to help you make up your mind.

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  • You stalk his Instagram Page: If you find yourself looking at his handle every now and then, you’re not even semi-close to being over him. Be trapping yourself, making yourself teary-eyed because everything you see will make you sad. Avoid temptation my dear Sister and stop stalking him. Please.
  • You want him to see you: You go to certain places because you know he’ll be there and try to be in his eye range. You ask his friends about him and try to find out where he is. You refuse to go and look for somewhere to sit your behind and be busy in your own life. Better stop being thirsty and act right.
  • You feel good when you see or hear his voice: When you see him, do you feel happy inside? Does your heart start pounding? Do you want only his attention when he’s near you? If you feel any of these, then you’re not over him and you need to keep your distance as much as you can to avoid stories that touch.
  • You Still Almost Text Him: All of us go through that helpless phase after a breakup where we almost text our ex. We write it and as soon we are about sending it, we end up deleting the entire message altogether. If you are still in this phase, then you obviously are not over him.
  • You live in the memories you both shared: If the memories you both shared seem to be your current place of residence and one sweet event you two shared with each other does a replay every now and then, I must tell you that you are still pining after him.
  • You Constantly Talk About Him: It’s understandable to talk about him a few weeks after the breakup, but if you are still talking about him months after, it needs to stop. Let me tell you that your closest friends have grown tired of your constant ramblings about how romantic and awesome your ex used to be.
  • His pictures: I’m not even going to type plenty story, If you still have pictures with him or of him, you need to delete them permanently.
  • You compare other Men to him: Sisters, I know going through a break up is a horrible situation but you just can’t just continue life comparing other men to him. This is very common when a girl isn’t over her ex even as she gets approached by a lot of good guys who are probably better than her ex. You need to understand that he is an ex for a reason.


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