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8 Relationship Truths Everyone Should Know

Everyone needs to learn and know these truths.

8 Relationship Truths Everyone Should Know

We live in a world where society has set an impossible standard for everything including starting a  relationship, we already are scared because of what society tries to portray as “perfect” and have expectations that are too high.

This post is to help everyone wanting to start a new relationship with truths that are needed in every relationship.

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  • Nothing lasts “forever”: There is no such thing in this world that lasts forever and that includes love. So just in case, the relationship does not work out for whatever reason, know that it is okay and it’s not the end of the world.
  • You can never change anyone: In this lifetime or the one to come, have it at the back of your mind that you CANNOT change anyone no matter how hard you try. You need to learn to accept the person as he or she is, not to change him to your liking because that’s not going to end well for you.
  • No one can change you: The way you can’t change anyone is the same way no one can change you. No matter how much they try. Only you have the power to change yourself or save yourself. You can ask for support, support will always be there for you as long as you’re willing to work on yourself.
  • Being supportive and being suffocated are two different things: You need to know where to draw the line. Of course, support your partner as much as you can, but you can’t compromise your own well-being for the happiness of your partner, that’s not a relationship.
  • Your relationship will be as “perfect” as you want it to be: There is no such thing as a perfect relationship and your relationship can only be “perfect” based on your own personal idea of what perfection is. It depends on you to set the bar of that perfection at a level where you can actually reach.
  • “You” are your only source of pure happiness: Nobody in this world can make you happier than you yourself and only you have the power to make yourself completely happy and content.
  • Don’t run away from challenges: Every good relationship is bound to have its fair share of challenging moments, it’s your duty as a partner to stay strong during those moments and to not lose hope.
  • Be ready to be accepting: True love requires a lot of acceptance from both sides as you both are bound to have flaws and weaknesses. Embrace the flaws, accept the flaws, learn to appreciate the differences you two have because that’s what relationships are all about.


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