8 Reasons You need to Drink water first thing in the morning

When the alarm rings, you jump off the bed, brush your teeth and what next? Pick your smartphone or tablet to check through messages on Whatsapp, accept a friend request on Facebook, check what’s trending on Twitter or check what your favorite celeb has posted on Instagram. While these may seem quite fun but your smartphone or tablet isn’t the first thing to pick up when you wake up in the morning.

So, what should be the first thing to pick up when you wake up in the morning? A glass of water! Drinking a glass a water every morning does wonder to the body, it is the easiest way to better your health and lifestyle. If you are wondering if there is any health benefit to drinking a glass of water every morning, have a look.

1). Relives headache

The human brain consists of 85% water. So, if there is a shortage of water in the brain, it can result in serious headaches. When you drink water every morning, it relieves the ache.

2). Prevents arthritis

Our Joints contains fluid that can decree or increase depending on how often you drink water. The fluids also decrease as a result of aging and strenuous activities. You can increase this fluid and allow your joints to move freely by drinking water in the morning.

3). Improves kidney health

80% of patients who have suffered from kidney stones have confessed to rarely drinking water. Kidney stones are common causes of severe pain in the abdomen and blood in the urine. To prevent yourself from going through such pain, you just have to drink a glass of water first thing every morning. Treating kidney stones can cost you a lot of money whereas a glass of water is just a few steps away from your kitchen.

4). Ease menstrual pain

For the ladies, drinking a glass of water every morning helps to lessen the water retention on the vagina. When you make this a habit, you won’t be complaining of cramp when your monthly visitor arrives.

5). Flush out toxins.

Toxins are anything that causes harm to the body. When we are asleep our body cleans itself, balances hormones and restore lost energy. After the cleanup, toxins are released and into our body waiting to be flushed out. Drinking water every morning will help you get rid of them.

6). It re-hydrates the body
When we wake up after a long sleep, our body gets dehydrated. To re-hydrate your body back again for the day, it is necessary to have a glass of water first thing in the morning.

7). It’s Refreshing

There is nothing as refreshing as gulping water after you wake up in the morning. It refreshes the whole body and at the same time makes you feel good.

8). It Strengthens Immune System

Drinking water first thing in the morning keeps the lymphatic system in good shape, thereby strengthening the immune system. A strong immune system will prevent you from falling sick often.

It may seem so simple but many people tend to overlook it. After reading these amazing benefits of drinking water first thing in the morning, I hope you will make it a daily habit.



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