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8 of The Most Beautiful Beaches in Africa

Take a look people. Here are some amazing cool beaches that Africa has to offer you

To Find Out About Some of the Best Beaches in the World, Read On

Africa is a beautiful continent and it makes sense for it to be home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and islands, each with its own distinctive and fascinating tales, cultures and natural landscapes. The pace of these beaches and Islands allow travelers to truly relax for a couple of days.

Take a look at some of the most beautiful beaches that Africa has got to offer you. All you have to do is hop on a plane if you don’t live in any of these countries

  • Seychelles

White sand beach surrounded by crystal clear waters, lush green hills, and impressive glacis boulders is what Seychelles offers you on a daily basis. It might sound too good to be true, but this is the reality for those travelling to Seychelles. That is why it is a famous honeymoon destination. B

  • Limbe

Limbe is located in Cameroon between the rain-forest of Mount Cameroon and the stunning Atlantic coastline. This charming place is popular both with local and international travelers who come to relax on the beach for some days before exploring another destination.

  • Cape Maclear

This Island is located in Malawi and it is a tiny fishing village located on Lake Nyasa, the pace of life is extremely slow. The place is made famous for its kayaking opportunities, freshwater diving and many hammocks to relax in.

  • Réunion

Réunion is on the island of Hawaii, and it is home to gorgeous waterfalls, breathtaking mountainous landscapes, emerald forests, incredible views and much more. There is also an active volcano that is accessible.

  • Kokrobite

Ghana’s capital city, Accra is where Kokrobite is located and it is only a 45-minute drive. It has long stunning beautiful white sand beaches. It does not have luxurious hotels and facilities instead, it provides authentic beach experiences for travelers.

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  • Santo Antão

The country’s second largest island of  Cape Verde is also one of the greenest with pine trees dominating gorgeous hilltops and tropical plants covering valleys. It has a coastline that is picturesque, and there are still a couple of beautiful places where travellers can swim, including Praia Formosa.

  • Lamu

Lamu is located in Kenya and its beaches are breathtaking, and the town is located very close to a stunning marine national park ideal for snorkelling activities.

  • Mauritius8 of The Most Beautiful Beaches in Africa

Mauritius offers amazing sunbathing and swimming opportunities on white sand beaches and cobalt blue waters, it also offers a rich history and cultural diversity. The charming island is also home to some of the warmest and most welcoming people in the world.


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