8 Football Coaches That Have Gotten Richer By Getting Sacked

All around the world, we have people that can be regarded as high-profile coaches in football.

These coaches have achieved great thing with some of the biggest clubs in Europe, winning leagues and cups. They have also failed sometimes, and gotten kicked out of one or two clubs. But the thing is that, with high-profile coaches, being sacked as a manager comes with its own benefits.

Several of these top-flight clubs have to pay the price for sacking their managers before the expiration of their contracts. And it doesn’t come cheap too. We have seen coachs, over the years, receive mouth-watering sums as pay-offs for getting sacked.

But which coach has received the highest amount? Take a look:

  1. Jose Mourinho

Former Manchester Unitd coach, Jose Mourinho tops this list. The Portuguese has received nothing less than £50m from getting sacked at top clubs like Chelsea, Real Madrid and Manchester United. Chelsea reportedly paid him between £10 – 20m for sacking him in 2007, £12.5m in 2015 and Manchester United paid him around £22.5m for sacking him last December.

  1. Andre Villas-Boas

Another Portuguese has similarly gotten well paid for getting sacked. He was paid £12m by Chelsea for sacking him in 2012 and £4m by Tottenham in 2013.

  1. Luiz Felipe Scolari

It seems Chelsea is in the business of high pay-offs to coaches. Luiz felipe Scolari was sacked by the English club in 2009 and paid the sum of £12.6m.

  1. Fabio Capello

Former Italian player, Fabio Capello had coached Russia for 3 years before getting sacked in 2015. The coach had to be paid £10.5m in compensation.

  1. Arsene Wenger

After spending 22 years at the helm of affairs at Arsenal, the Frenchman was given the boot by the club executives. Hoever, he was greatly celebrated and paid off to the tune of £11m

  1. Brendan Rodgers

Before Klopp came, Brendan Rodgers had done exploits at Liverpool, taking them to almost win the English League title in the 2013/14 season. However, he was sacked the following season and he received £8m as pay-out.

  1. Roy Hodgson

Well, before Rodgers came too, Liverpool had previously paid the high cost of sacking a manager. They paid £7.3m to Roy Hodgson for sacking him in 2011.

  1. Rafael Benitez

Current Newcastle coach, Rafa Benitez had previously gotten a short stint at the Spanish capital with Real Madrid. However it ended in a sack in 2015 but he got paid the sum of £7.3m in compensation.

Other coaches that have been paid big after getting sacked include Roberto Mancini (Manchester City, £7m) and David Moyes (Manchester United, £5m).



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