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8 Essential Things to Know When Travelling to Namibia

Are you a first time Visitor to Namibia? Read this post to know 8 essential things before travelling.

8 Essential Things to Know When Travelling to Namibia

Namibia is a country in southwest Africa and although it does not border Zimbabwe, the Zambezi River separates the two countries, less than 200 metres. Namibia is an amazing country with some beautiful and great things to do and see and first-time visitors should take some time to prepare and get to know certain things before embarking on the journey.

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  1. Be prepared for a lot of dust and sand while driving in Namibia: A large part of Namibia consists of desert and there is more in the air when visiting during the dry season.  A useful tip for when you are self-driving is to buy some plastic boxes with a sealable lid, so you can keep your food dust free while driving.
  2. Expect to see wildlife: Namibia is a popular tourist destination for many people because of the African safari and to see wildlife which Namibia has plenty of.  There is a great chance of seeing the Big Five animals and many more.
  3. Money: Both Namibia and South Africa are part of the Common Monetary Area, which means that the Namibian Dollar (NAD) and the South African Rand (ZAR) are valued 1:1. It also means that you can freely use both NAD and ZAR in Namibia. While paying with credit cards is possible in many places in Namibia, it is advisable to carry enough cash with you.
  4. It is a Family Destination: Namibia is definitely a family-friendly destination, safe and friendly country, good hygiene standards and is pretty easy to travel, considering some preparation in advance has been done. Also, there are not many vaccinations that need to be taken (see your own doctor for medical advice) and there is only malaria in the northern area, mainly during the wet season.
  5. Amazing Accommodation Options: There are truly lovely camping sites here. Some shaded by a canopy of foliage or with a waterhole frequented by rhino and antelope just a short walk away.
  6. Water in the desert: Most of the water in Namibia is borehole water often pumped from around  100 metres deep. Most of this borehole water is fine for human consumption, although if you prefer to buy bottled water, you can buy the 5 Litres bottles and pour it into smaller reusable water bottles.
  7. Extreme Weather Conditions: Namibia receives very little rainfall, making it one of the driest countries in Southern Africa. When travelling, make sure you take the weather patterns into account and don’t underestimate the cold temperatures, especially when sleeping in a tent.
  8. Get Familiar with the sound of Silence: One thing that is very difficult to hear in many places in the world is silence. Almost unbelievable but true, you can really hear and enjoy true silence here. Don’t forget to look up once in a while and count the stars also.


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