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8 Essential Grooming Tips Men Should Take Note of

Gentlemen of this present century, here are 8 grooming tips you need to pay attention too.

8 Essential Grooming Tips Men Should Take Note of

Gentlemen, consider this your cheat sheet for grooming tips and tricks and I am doing this because some of you just keep looking ashy and unkempt.

These 8 tips will help you look your best and help you put your best foot forward in the good looking department, every single day. It is not just to wear starched shirt o, my brother, pay attention to the simple details. Oya, start reading.

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  • Please shave. Just try and shave small abeg. I know you want to join beard gang and that is perfectly understandable but please keep that area good looking. Go to your barber, tell him to give you a trim and take off all the extras. You do not need to be looking unkept just because you are an unofficial member of the beard gang.
  • You see all those shaving nicks that you carry around as if they are war marks, you can heal them nicely with lip balm. Yes, lip balm or Vaseline works like a seal and it’ll keep bigger cuts from forming unsightly scabs.
  • Please use moisturizer daily. It will help combat that dry and flaky skin that you are carrying about. Nobody likes looking at your face all white especially with the absence of harmattan. Oh by moisturizer, I mean body cream o. This is actually the first step to this grooming business.
  • Please brush your teeth. It is like some of you forget before you step out of the bathroom, so take this as a reminder. Brushing your teeth and tongue will not only do you good but all the people you’ll meet will definitely be thankful that you did.
  • If you are one who has bad breath, buy a bottle of mouth wash and gargle three times a day especially when you are done eating. The wash will help eradicate food that is trapped between your teeth. Trust me, it works.
  • Air those shoes and wash your socks bro or better still, buy another pair. Don’t be the Man that cannot remove his shoes when he goes visiting.
  • Put a little balm on those lips to exfoliate them. It is too chapped for our liking. If you are the kind of man that thinks lip balm will make you less, put the balm on as you are getting ready and as soon as you open the main door, clean them off. Your lips would have sucked in a bit of moisture
  • Part of this grooming lesson I am trying to teach you in your old age involves trimming your nails Uncle. I don’t know who told you they were cute or sexy but please trim them. Trim is me putting it mildly o, some of you need to cut the whole thing off – the nails, cut it.


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