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8 Cheap Vacation Ideas for Families

Thinking of going on a vacation soon. Here are some ideas that can be of help

8 Cheap Vacation Ideas for Families

The holidays are here and there is probably a conversation as regards a family vacation. I bring to you cheap vacation ideas for your family. A time that you all can enjoy without breaking the bank.

There are many ways of enjoying yourselves without spending a ton of money. While some of these are kind of specific in the destinations, others are based on general ideas.

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  1. Local tourist destinations: There are definitely local common tourist destinations within a few hours of your home or in nearby states. You can easily come up with cheap vacation ideas around visiting those states or places.
  2. Small local parks: Instead of going for the big names in amusement parks consider going to smaller options that offer all the thrills at half the price.
  3. House swapping with friends or family: This is a cheap vacation idea that isn’t mentioned as often as it should be. If you know of another family, relations or friends who are in a different location looking for a fun vacation in a new and unique location, swapping homes for a week is a great way to accomplish this on a budget. You save a whole lot of money on accommodation and food.
  4. Beach vacations: Going to a beach is actually a very cheap vacation idea. Since you have tons of activities right on the beach excluding travel or lodging you are often able to stay within budget easily.
  5. Travel during the off-season: Many people don’t think they could possibly afford a vacation to other countries, but if you look at flight prices during fall and winter, you’ll find out that it is much more affordable and sometimes reasonably cheap depending on your vacation country or the size of your family. Taking a vacation around Summer is definitely on the high side.
  6. Stay with friends or family: If you have friends or family that live around the attraction you want to see, ask if you can crash in their guest room for a night or two instead of paying for a hotel. You can then buy them a gift for their hospitality.
  7. Go to camp: There are great and inexpensive Camps for children and teenagers. It can be a fun vacation experience for all. The kids can go to Camp and Parents go to visit friends or give themselves a treat at their favourite hotel. It’s a great frugal way for everyone to have fun.
  8. Visit landmarks: Sometimes a great vacation destination can be in a small location that houses a historical landmark. These locations sometimes offer lower costs for lodging and are fun ways to educate your kids while going on a little vacation adventure.


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