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7 Ways To Renew Your Relationship With Your Partner

April is a good month for a fresh start. Use these tips to renew your relationship.

7 Ways To Renew Your Relationship With Your Partner

Is your relationship beginning to feel some type of way? Does it feel like the fire is ebbing out and all that is left is smoke? Do you want to re-ignite the spark you once had with your partner?

If you answered Yes to any of the following, you clicked the right link.

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  1. Tell your partner 3 thing you love about them: You can either send this as a text message, email or on a card accompanied with their favorite chocolate or a cake. Mentioning the handle and telling him or her via twitter is also a good gesture.
  2. Compliment your partner: This seems like a mundane thing to do but trust me, it is not. Appreciating your partner should not be something you get lazy about. Telling how good they look, how proud of them you are is a good way of putting the love back in your relationship.
  3. Love Languages: Everyone has a love language, speaking it for 3-5 days will let your partner know that you love him or her and they are in your thoughts.
  4. Re-visit your early days: What were the things you did together earlier on? What defined fun for you both? Where did you go? Answering these question will take you back to the early days and help you see what you might have dropped on the wayside but is needed now to boost your relationship. It will also help you remember fond memories and why you guys want to be together. partner
  5. Put at least one alone time on the calendar: Social Media sometimes make it seem like you are always together but the truth of the matter is the relationship is more virtual than physical. It’ll help you both a great deal if you can clear the next weekend and hang out together. No extra people, No crowd and definitely No phones. Focus on both of you, talk, converse, laugh, cry if you need to and then make up your mind to treat your relationship better.
  6. Set aside a talk time: Because there are activities that fill our day and having a proper conversation might not be possible in the middle of all that is the reason why there has to be a talk time. It could be either early in the morning or at night before bed. Whatever time of the day works best for you both, set it and stick to it.
  7. Be honest: Honesty they say is the best policy. As partners, you need that policy in your relationship. be open about what you feel, what you think etc. Be especially honest about your feelings. If your partner said something that hurt you, let him know. If she acted in a way that you feel is disrespectful to you, also let her know. That way you are not storing up unnecessary anger that might later add up to causing your relationship problems.


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